Twitter’s Medical Application

Once Some one invents a new technology,the use of that technology is enormous.Along with that in how many ways we can use that technology is also examined.We can assume or prove that Social Networking is one of the above described technology.In this technology also many types of application are developed by the DEVS.
Inventors from Brigham Young University has brought very different application for Twitterers.They have made users to stand there eyebrows by their outstanding application.
Suppose in some area if there is disease such as Flu or any other disease,we can get the information of that particular area about air borne disease or any other types of disease.By this you can pass on such information to Medical Officers,says Application Devs.Inventors gathered 2.4 crore tweets,tweeted by 1 crore users..They have accurately noted information about disease affected areas.Approximately 15% locations have been accurately defined.Due to this 15% information we can get to know about Disease affected areas.For this Disease affected patients tweets are important for accuracy.”I am disease affected” or “doctor has given random medicine on flu” such types of tweets are granted as Medical tweets.Inventors says if any disease is there in some country or area,you can get the pre information about such disease.Such technology is called as “Early Warning System”.One thing is strictly noted that Number of tweets were proportional to that areas population.Due to this accurate information has been got for the developers.Principal of Brigham Young University also granted the rate of accuracy of these application.
But Journal of Medical Report Research has told that these invention has got less response than the developers expected.Location and place were not accurate relative to tweets.Only 2% GPS information is there on twitter.Keeping in mind about tweeter users the rate of GPS information is less.
But Developers says 88% of information is accurate. Jokes,writing purposely eliminating all such things the information is 88% accurate.Government Medicxal Officer can bring such program in real life,says developers.On twitter there may be “Disease Care Unit” if we take this seriously.Due to this People can get new use of Social Networking Site


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