How mobile can be more disruptive than the web

Forrester recently published a study that is very interesting. The question is that everybody sits on the mobile which monetization model?
Because so many services now coming to capture the attention of people(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and sisters), few can monetize this audience without shine, attention to mobile is much stronger than any other display.

Forrester reminds us, if the mobile is 60% of traffic from Facebook, it represents only 15% of revenues for the moment. Even the Freemium model seems to be a solution for companies such as Evernote, whose CEO announced that the best way to get 1 million people who still pay to have 1 billion people who use the service is not available for the majority who cannot generate much audience.
The problem is not new for the web and also had the same origin and barriers still experiencing changes in his way of monetizing. If the model is purely advertising as far as from having found its optimal mode of operation in the mobile, one could imagine that simply sell access to an application to a relatively high price might be the solution. strong economies also today, this model is not proven. But what seems more important as the note title suggests is that, according to Forrester, mobile will transform the way deeper than the web, a number of business. As the web, mobile will enable to extend a number of existing business course, it will also enable the creation of business completely “pure player�?. It will also messing models purely web such as Facebook (we see the rise of Badoo or redemption of Instagram for a sum that seems unreasonable having regard to the revenue generated to date).


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