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The word ‘Radar’ is so common to hear among but very less number of the people knows the properties, applications and uses of radars in reality. Radar is the abbreviated form of radio detection and ranging. It is a kind of detection process within a certain range to trace and identify certain targeted objects.

The determination of distance, shape, direction of motion and speed of object are the basic properties of radars. It also has a property of working in any kind of weather. There are many radar devices available in market one of them is radarwarner. It is very useful in military forces and traffic safety.

How does the radar detector work?

Radar detectors are composed of four basic components for its working they are as follows:

  • The Transmitter – the transmitter is used for producing electric signals which are compatible with the type of radar system.
  • The antennae – the antennae works in a two way communication, as it use to send the electric signals in the form of electromagnetic radiation, and it also receives the return incoming signals and transmits them to the receiver.
  • The receiver – the work of the receiver is to analyze the received signal and transfer it to the display.
  • The display –the work of the display is only to display the data of the received signals to the humans.

Properties of radars

The basic property of radar is to send and receive electromagnetic radiations in the form of radio waves or microwaves. The electromagnetic radiation is the form of energy whose speed is roughly equal to the speed of light. All the properties of the electromagnetic waves are dependent on the wavelength. As the gamma rays and the X rays have shorter wavelengths. The lights which are mostly noticed in the electromagnetic spectrum have wavelength longer than the X rays but shorter than the microwaves.

The radar system usually works with the long wavelength electromagnetic radiation in the range of radio and microwaves ranges. Due to these long wavelengths, the radio waves and microwaves are tends to inclined itself so as to reflect the shorter wavelength radiations. And thus these shorter wavelengths are scattered or absorbed before reaching to the target.

The radar system usually gets started by sending out the signals. The sent signals are collided with the target and get returned to the radar gun. These signals always move steadily with speed of the light, thus it is very easy for the computer system to calculate the time taken by the signal in coming back to the radar gun.

Therefore now you can easily understand the meaning of radar whenever you hear this word. And as you have been told about the properties and working of the radars, you can easily detect radar device used by the police before speeding up your vehicle. Radarwarneris such a device with all the properties mentioned above and thus it is a multi tasking device.


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