Deal Guru: Why you can rather ensure better quality here

The online shopping platforms are basically known for their throwaway price tag. In fact this is the way they have evolved. The scenario of market was not like this a few years ago. The prime reason for the transition is that most of these stores used to tag the same price for similar materials.
With a different concept of discounted price tag and home delivery there appeared the online stores. The products are pretty much the same here, from same brands.

Introducing DealGuru on a Pinch:
Deal Guru is also another online shopping platform. However, it is a fact that it is much more revamped and works through a great concept through which you can certainly expect better quality with unbelievable price.
As we know, this is fundamentally this is a platform where the stuffs those are over produced, or unable to find a place with other scheduled items of a store become available carrying a hugely discounted price. The best part is that anyone can be a seller here.

How Quality is ensured:
Now let’s make it clearer on how it can be beneficial in terms of quality (of course regarding price) than the others. First it is quite apparent that the sellers in a hurry with brand items are targeted. Hence they already make their price lower. In addition, the products are already branded.
The real secret:
Hey, we don’t want make you believe regarding the quality just by saying that the sellers make the brand items available here. Rather we say so as DealGuru has a strong team. Along with AskMeBazaar they make deal for the branded items as of above over the country. The sellers make their product available with a price. Then the whole collection is put under quality test. With the inclination of both DealGuru and sellers regarding price and quality, the product is made available at the site.
It’s the responsibility of AskMeBazaar to take the snap and write product description to make sure that the information is authenticated.

Perfect Customer Service:
Making the deal is quite simple as well. When a order is there, DealGuru make link with the seller. It is the whole responsible of DealGuru to ensure regarding the product delivery. Above all, they make contact through call whether the product has reached your door or not.
Like a perfect Indian they happily accept the returning issues. Your returning claim is just a contact away.
The huge compilation:
The success of the concept can be well imagined from the statistics that they presently run with more than thousand on the way deals, and about nine hundred merchants are associated with it. It’s a complete shopping mall itself where you can find a variety of products starting from fashion items, beauty products, gadgets, home appliances and many others.
Blend of Bollywood:
What so ever, people these days never turn their head unless and until you tag their favourite star with the product. It’s good; that ensures trust. DealGuru understands it nicely and hence has associated the queen of bollywood Kangana Ranaut with it. The ad has gone even more interesting with Kangana.


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