7 Link Building Mistakes You Should Never Make

Here are seven link-building mistakes that you should never make. If you make most of them then they will make your link building efforts bare few fruit. However, if you do some of them (such as point number two) then you may end up being punished by the search engines. As a general rule of thumb, you should spend a few hours per week brushing up on the rules and SEO guidelines of each search engine. Each search engine has certain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules to make your website more search engine friendly.

Here are some Link building mistakes that every one do:-
It is often a good idea to find the common back-linking guidelines for all of them and then apply the common guidelines to your back linking efforts so that you will be ranked highly on all of them. Here are seven mistakes you may make when back linking. All of the mistakes are regarded as mistakes by the major search engines, but Google is the one that is most likely to punish you first for your back-linking mistakes.
1 – Do not post links on the comment sections of blogs or articles unless their rules say that you can and you have followed their guidelines to the letter
The comment sections of most blogs and articles have measures to stop automated robots from placing spam messages and links onto their comment sections. However, many of them have no real defense against people putting links in there manually. This leads some people into thinking it is okay to add links to comment sections, whereas some people find it offensive. You should check to see if it is okay, and read any link posting guidelines first.
Most comment box owners will simply delete your link or turn it into a no-follow link. Some comment box owners will take revenge upon you by creating anti-SEO or simply badmouthing your site on their blog or article site.
2 – Do not pay a content farm to link to you, including buying links from websites offering to sell them
Content farms are frowned upon by Google. They have a lot of trouble getting rid of content farms, but have no problem penalizing the people who use them. They are also very good at finding and punishing the websites that buy their links. If you buy links and the company actually bothers to deliver them then your web page ranking will go up for a short while, but within two months Google will have punished you or banned you for buying links.
3 – Do not add your links to forums unless the forum master says that you can and you follow their rules for posting links
The administrators on forums are often very vigilant about people putting links on their forums. The forums they create are difficult to maintain and hard to get traffic onto. When a forum experiences some success, the administrator will not be pleased with you abusing it. Some people consider their forums to be their “baby” and will protect it with ferocity. Including, ganging up with a bunch of their fellow online nerds and launching a hate campaign against you. This is especially true if the administrator has had to go through a bunch of his/her forum postings to remove the links you entered into it.
If the forum allows you to enter links then make sure you do it the way that they request.
4 – Do not keep linking back to the same page all of the time
This is a waste of backlinks because the effect will be diluted and limited. If you create twenty backlinks in one week then put a maximum of two of them pointing to the same page. If you point them all at the same page then the SEO benefit will not be as overall beneficial. You could have potentially raised the ranking of many pages instead of just one.
5 – Do not nestle the anchor text of your backlink within text that is unrelated
Some people will put unrelated keywords within anchor text within content that it does not belong in. For example if your anchor text keywords were about boats and shipping, and you put them in a piece of content about flowers, then the content and keywords are unrelated. Doing this will severely damage the SEO benefit of your backlink.
6 – Do not use the same anchor text for multiple links
Many people will tell you that this is bad because of duplication rules, but if you are spreading a phrase as small as a sentence across multiple domains then Google will not even factor it in as duplicate content. In other words if you use the same anchor text for multiple links then Google will not punish you under their duplicate content rules (irrespective of what other online Gurus tell you).
The reason you should not use the same anchor text on your back links across multiple domains is because it is endemic of link spamming. A link spamming robot or person will copy a link embedded in anchor text and then paste it across multiple domains. Even if your linking efforts were genuine, it would still appear that you have spammed a load of anchor text links across multiple domains.
7 – You may create some backlinks that are simply pictures, but try to favor textual anchor links
If you are going to create links that are pictures then it is always best to put another link underneath that describes the picture. Both links should point to the same place. The picture link will probably get the most direct traffic, whilst the anchor link will hold all off the SEO value. Having picture links alone will lower the SEO value of your link.


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