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The most irritating issue with Windows is the error messages about the DLL file is missing. Well, the chrome_elf.DLL file is missing like errors are pretty common in Windows and they are the most annoying than any other. You start the computer and try to open the software program, and you suddenly see the missing chrome_elf.DLL Windows error message. Many people get frustrated and reinstall the software as they don’t know the simple fix for this issue.In the cases where you face the missing chrome_elf.DLL Windows error, you should immediately download the. DLL File in the system. In this post, we will provide the chrome_elf.DLL free Download link for all those who are concerned. Also, we are sharing the step-by-step instructions on how to fix this issue with the chrome_elf.DLL Download Windows.

chrome_elf.dll File Missing Error Solution 

What is chrome_elf.dll File? 

The DLL files are nothing but the Dynamically Linked Libraries. With the DLL files, the Windows and the software programs communicate with each other. Such DLL files allow the software programs to access the Windows functionalities with ease. The DLL files are the most important files for any software, and not having them or deleting them will show you the chrome_elf.dll file error. This is the special file for the BurnAware Pro software program. You’ll see the chrome_elf.dll missing error while running this software. 

How to Fix chrome_elf.dll Missing Error? 

There are a few working solutions to fix the chrome_elf.dll was not found error. You can follow these methods pretty easy to get rid of the issue. As we share the detailed information, you don’t have to deal with the technicalities and try using these methods by yourself. 

Method #1 – Download the Missing DLL File 

If you face the chrome_elf.dll not found error, you should immediately know that the file is missing from the software directory. So, the best and simplest method for the same is to get the file downloaded on your computer and place it in the respective directory. Here are the exact steps to download the missing DLL file and fix the issue immediately. 

  1. First of all, download the chrome_elf.dll file from this link. We are sharing the trusted download link for this file. 
  2. Mostly, the file is downloaded in Windows by default in the Downloads folder. Go to the Downloads folder and copy the file by pressing the “Ctrl + C” key combination.
  3. Now, go to the respective directory of the BurnAware software program. Mostly, you’ll have this software installed on the “C:/” drive. 
  4. It’s time to press “Ctrl + V” to paste this file into the respective directory. After you place the file in the directory, you’ll be able to use the software from now on.
  5. Double-click on the BurnAware software and check if you are seeing the chrome_elf.dll file missing or not. If it’s not coming, then you have successfully fixed the issue.


64bit 61.0.3163.100535.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : c38944aa76510cb7a7af20a53e8c047e
SHA : 6f5f82e6341f8468ff7a940798d6132f280d3775
64bit 60.0.3112.90536.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : ceaa530c94da90f1af4fcf1afa277401
SHA : f020e2fbded390ae0ae673eeb6e0267572d95f9b
64bit 60.0.3112.113536.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 4fa904f98841b105e03eda267dd2b73b
SHA : f2e62f1eadd2cf17a1ed3a718f6ac95e1c72efcf
32bit 60.0.3112.113423.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : e8e71a12fb50f9f9f56a2f7fd4d3539f
SHA : 446256581ad146223b95021157ad1ab1fe60d869
32bit 59.0.3071.115420.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 46b3ea441bd0327e2ec9cab6afbca77b
SHA : 8d34e7eb256dd2b1c165543566d07928b9cfe563
64bit 59.0.3071.115532.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 92e7268f9bfbbd1e8735d87c9076915f
SHA : 5c156044a7f04e8b36ba7be09575d74f927cfc3f
32bit 58.0.3029.81423.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : cd05d3804046cff953e73c2b2c399645
SHA : 68b0b3003356d122d092f42f99b8bd49f9bda299
64bit 58.0.3029.110537.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : b1e36ff42466841df71791bedcd56250
SHA : 8b3f979162dbda7fc503cb74d71788d2a5425423
32bit 57.0.2987.133424.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 008ae0e822a84117fcdfd98f30e714d8
SHA : 716a005c4a903867c5fb80f7070cfad485f8f5c4
64bit 57.0.2987.133539.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : baaa0d0e5ae6697609a0accde3496a31
SHA : ccd8816267ac556798b13569d7b499047b07f932
32bit 57.0.2987.110424.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 9c497af3e1ab3a8a25b2119aa7290a4e
SHA : 5d54d7b655d170e7b6436ab7a051a74342129916
64bit 56.0.2924.87527.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 7e6fbefbfa098c2cbf9545eacc35a6a6
SHA : c52b08c84c7b33a942c447c2ff9da0724c8d9f0d
32bit 56.0.2924.87418.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : b9b9246a8b7e8997fe0a1753a624acc8
SHA : d0918c239ad283df441fca1bd9c88c56dd680c02
32bit 55.0.2883.87412.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 2bc566829965b30d0a82058f2eae60ea
SHA : 80548359447b8051b67bc2e481cb3978aae6364a
64bit 55.0.2883.87519.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : cfc88a2c569adcc7cee5a1a97dea3233
SHA : e7fcd135d8101d5e20af44e4845dae82088ef97e
64bit 55.0.2883.75525.1 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 745b59a959d9d460744c9634f99107a9
SHA : 33c325ac81212fdcacee25cc3f28e74cc524d0e4
32bit 54.0.2840.99369.6 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 4964cd23c135f455facbf42ccdd4f10f
SHA : 3fd300c21c138d89f7ca2aa549ee129803a8ac90
64bit 54.0.2840.99455.6 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : c3a091d6153d65cf629f140afefecc8f
SHA : 9b59f586e44d5172698a85c68cb07f06e665b761
32bit 54.0.2840.71369.6 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : c4b3022907fb6c0748df860dde1e9ee9
SHA : b6b9894e9ddf58a3e27d1625da22f6aeb6ed1c67
32bit 54.0.2840.59369.6 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 2759a6cc1747f07c1c408da734adb82d
SHA : 89ba8cd9b40f9f12f96ac688c9e4ef9d4593bc9f
64bit 54.0.2840.59455.6 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : ff78beed7cf452fba3343f9aadac3924
SHA : 9e19b68f7dfe50fd5874b20cad4134f9bc0d6135
32bit 54.0.2789.0279.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 03139ed620771a2de41d9d27b76b46c5
SHA : 3857a2d30c7f83fe03fd55dc0c6269cc3fe25bb3
32bit 52.0.2743.82135.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 6d64c9273826fb3a6f89c845f91937ea
SHA : 5204dbaba24479c8cf81cd43232a27c3882bcff1
32bit 49.0.2623.87124.6 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 9112d26fa95f818c69ba065a5bfe178d
SHA : b75d56dc6a039e53f1c05558db2efa7cb6e21b28
32bit 48.0.2564.82126.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 76758313cc5277bbea0126fb369ec8f1
SHA : a9074f9eec4ee169baa1f5c329f6f4feca69eee0
32bit 48.0.2564.116124.6 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : e2f3235991948ef3a4cea66c0038145a
SHA : 2de82e4430b7fba4c31e98f595bce516869cd9a2
32bit 48.0.2540.0130.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 1ddf80e110bdc862ce4031776c61e154
SHA : 21dd93a0540e75c69023241d88f981a74c3a3a08
32bit 47.0.2526.111137.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 9444bd530d451658e3ea29aabd3b135a
SHA : ced6176f04e2eb49cea1a38aaee9f1e0c059fa02
32bit 44.0.2368.0130.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 8d28ac2063563dcc3b2d95ebc57a3fd9
SHA : e865059172884f82d02f49e8a4fd561bf31147ea
32bit 43.0.2357.130130.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 78ce940fd1ccdf6f743ee1a9aed8aad8
SHA : 03db6f51028ae1553661d31e60b6319c1a160922
32bit 43.0.2357.124130.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 68106da5b5c9cce0ed06bb86ccc77a29
SHA : 98b90d33236709f8d8d3cd7f1d5eaa789284c37d
32bit 41.0.2272.76130.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 91373b9c4260217d04a88bdf33978ca2
SHA : 02c9e076064a04b86fb8900446ec2920e076ec31
32bit 40.0.2214.93130.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : bece8c2f27e9f37f5dd2ca2b03dae7d3
SHA : 86553b0d784fe084153dbeae1bce95347da3c33c
32bit 40.0.2214.111130.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 91262f88c4ea3b82b761ea6211cfc84c
SHA : cabb03c20d7bf8ee342a98ebd113c50150071293
32bit 39.0.2171.99130.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 5247c61807fcaba04c153aea34701503
SHA : 0a5a0cbee596ea2da2ca233d2286cc5dd7267b26
32bit 39.0.2171.95130.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 649aa174d5798b17439eb877b12e6fa3
SHA : 4e63c50810404dfc4f2bfb835b3430040ecb104b
64bit 39.0.2171.71147.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : e6f72172aa81053c0e3a92ed78a39d02
SHA : 29409f6289d2da9285e741656305d0c88c1ade2c
32bit 39.0.2171.71130.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : fc7cd5dc9896d1603674d80aa4a87696
SHA : 501ce2c8e7c96c7e225d0806be95ed08707b655d
32bit 38.0.2125.122130.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 6f7c96f30fa67f22649174f049217244
SHA : 4ef3155e904232556e42919147b76e57be995cfd
32bit 38.0.2125.111130.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 5ac032dca4dab73e0a7c381bf7e9e960
SHA : e1fcd7442eacdef26b6cd1230360ef76315ef2e9
32bit 38.0.2125.104130.3 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 5e6504432db222547b729b784689bebb
SHA : 3f8865451f782a11f0ca0a85f0f694d64f592578
32bit 36.0.1985.143128.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : bcbf229d45d24fc841a45e36463f7471
SHA : 4a1289bbb7b0344ca7e473c7dae83c8e26e7f114
32bit 36.0.1985.125128.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : a8428270f8958e460554698270e65ebf
SHA : 073d9bb74388947e3ee101b2f740a7dfced8add5
32bit 35.0.1916.153128.8 KBU.S. EnglishGoogle ChromeMD5 : 0ab40899395f14d74e83410068359d38
SHA : ba851511b675d753bfa29c51219d5a9e9f2bdef5
32bit KBU.S. EnglishN/AMD5 : d47d822784a9e9bfd7ae8593e95309b7
SHA : 4267965fe53e861ff92318c2b75d8f2e2b688f75

Method #2 – Fix Issue Automatically 

There is special software that will help us to automatically fix any error, even if it’s chrome_elf.dll not found. You can easily use our special All-in-One error fixing software program to fix this issue within a few minutes. 

  1. First of all, click “this link” to download the All-in-One software. 
  2. Double-click on the installer and follow the on-screen instruction to install this software on your computer. 
  3. Now, it’s time to run this program. Go to the Desktop and double-click on the icon to start the program on your computer.
  4. Once it starts, it’s time to click on the “Repair” button to start fixing the errors. Within a few minutes, this repair program will fix all the issues immediately. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

#1 – What Causes chrome_elf.dll File Not found an error? 

When the software is not able to find the necessary DLLs, it will show the file not found an error. Due to the accidental deletion or the false detection by the Antivirus software program, it causes the file to Delete, and you see the chrome_elf.dll file not found an error on your system. 

#2 – Isn’t there any solution to fix the chrome_elf.dll missing error automatically? 

With the use of our sophisticated software program, we can easily fix this issue. The software will automatically run the background checks and will deploy all the methods to fix this issue permanently. Download the provided software and get rid of all technical issues permanently. 

#3 – Is chrome_elf.dll a virus program? 

No. The chrome_elf.dll is not a virus program and will not cause any issues in the system. Even if any antivirus program detects the same as a potential threat, you should not worry at all. 

Final Words 

There is not a single person on this planet who is using a Windows computer. The chrome_elf.dll is a simple error and easy to fix. With the methods mentioned in this post, you can quickly fix this error and enjoy using the software on your computer with ease. 

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