Apple returns to Google Maps after widespread ridicule

Apple Returns to Google Maps

Google Maps has returned to the iPhone. This was announced on 12th December, 2012 by Apple Inc.’s CEO Mr. Tim Cook after issuing an unusual mass apology. In his apology, the Apple’s CEO asked all the iPhone owners to revert back to using Google maps. This announcement comes after about 3 months from the launch of iPhone that was shipped with Apple’s indigenous built map applications, instead of the high quality Google Maps.

apple returns to google maps

However, this replacement of the built-in navigation system in the iPhone proved costly that forced Apple’s Tim Cook to sack its executive-in-charge of mobile operating system, Mr. Scott Forstall. This is because of the inferior quality of the Apple’s maps that made using iPhone geo-navigation software a horrendous affair. As a solution to this technological glitch, consumers are requested to use Google maps through third party Web browsers or any other substitutes until there are some concrete solution to the problem. Apple thought of hitting Google hard with its own map application but instead it turned out be a boon for the search giant whose maps are far better in terms imagery and on-road navigation.

There are several shortcomings in the Apple’s maps. For instance, the maps did not cover many towns and had lost major landmarks. As a result, people their lost their way en route to their destination. On the other hand, Google has been jubilant about its re-inclusion into the iconic phone and has been saying that its fresh iPhone application is a lot better than their older versions.

Google started afresh with its Apple’s map application development much before the termination of its contract with Apple. The battle between the two technological giants is getting fiercer with each passing day. This is because digital maps are in much demand among the smartphone consumers who want exact direction to their probable destination. As a result, digital maps emerged as one of the crucial war fronts in the mobile computing world.

Sensing such an immense business opportunity, there are advertisement agencies that are willing to pay a hefty amount so as to get their messages passed onto the consumers in a specific location. However, Google map applications for the iPhone don’t have any advertisements as of now, but that may change in the near future. This is because Google has been earning handsome revenue from its map applications for the Android phones.

Google map provides turn-by-turn directions to its users. At first Google refused to incorporate this facility into the iPhone version of its maps, while running the facility in other Android based phones. This led to a war amongst the two and forced Apple to develop a map application of its own.

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