What happened to NARUTOGET.COM? Why is it not working?

What happened to NARUTOGET.COM? Why is it not working?

Narutoget.com is working no-more. Many rumors are there in concern to Narutoget.com, like they have shifted their domain or the site is under maintenance. Some people are also discussing about the financial constraints of the site. But the most authentic reason is that the site has been banned.

What happened to NARUTOGET.COM Why is it not working

The major reason for the site is being banned is the illegal streaming. No content was produced by the site itself. The site was just streaming the contents; this means that it was supporting the digital piracy.

The ban of the site from the web world is a huge heartbreak for millions of users worldwide. But to cope up with this, a number of alternatives are available for this site, that make sure that Naruto is online available for free. The users can also download and watch the contents of this anime series. But the viewers are complaining about the alternative sources. The poor quality of the content and annoying amount of lag time is the major problems with the alternative sources. Also the ads that are being displayed by these sources are also a major problem.

So, in conclusion the choice for Naruto fans is that they should either buy their favorite series or they should continue with the existing alternatives available for it.

In hope to view Narutoget.com back in near future.


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