ASKME App Review : : The Best App Ever- Must Check

In this current time and age, Smartphones have come to be just as popular as foods and drinks and they have come to be a part of our lives just like sleeping. Almost everyone has a Smartphone and the most important thing in a Smartphone is the applications they have. Applications are the most important things and a Smartphone that lacks good apps is considered to be a waste of money. But now all that changes with the AskMe app which changes everything now.

ASKME App Review: The Best App Ever

ASKME App Review The Best App Ever

We all want to perform certain tasks with our Smartphones every now and then and it is very tiring switching from app to app. It takes a lot of time and sometimes apps take countless minutes to load and that can be frustrating at times. That is where the AskMe app comes in and we will look at what you can do with it in this article.

AskMe app: What is it?

The AskMe app is a Smartphone support third-party app designed by Getit Infoservices Pvt Ltd. It runs on Android operating systems and gives information that you need to know about your locality.
AskMe app features
With the AskMe app, you can do the following things:

  1. Look for businesses close to your location
  2. Get hold of all good deals tendered by local businesses of your choice
  3. Get the most recent classifieds on Smartphones, cars, jobs, and real estate just but to name a few
  4. Add tips, photos, as well as reviews, for the businesses of your choice
  5. Create your own listings of the local businesses of your choice
  6. Read reviews of all local businesses and get to know all you want
  7. Share the businesses of your choice with friends and family via social networks, email and SMS.
  8. Search for addresses and contact numbers of all businesses at your locations and contact them for the information you need.
  9. Get extra information of businesses like ratings, methods of pay, and opening and closing apps so that you can easily pick your choice.

Elements that make AskMe Unique

a) Friendly user interface

The User Interface of the AskMe app is trouble-free and straight to the point. Information is displayed in a bold and simple way making it very easy for the use to access.

b) Integrated search engine

This is the most outstanding feature about AskMe, you can now at the same time search for the ‘best deals’ and ‘free ads’ offered at your locality without even going back to the homepage. This is a searching that has been seen on major web search engines suck as Yahoo and Google and now AskMe has it. How cool is that?

c) Other benefits

The ability for AskMe to perform tasks that other apps can do just individually makes you save space on your Smartphone so that you can have space for other apps. This is pretty awesome as it will also make your Smartphone run faster.

How to download and install AskMe

This app is found in the Google Play Store just any other app. You just need to search AskMe, click download and then after downloading it will install automatically.

Note: It is only compatible with any version after Android 2.2
There you have it, AskMe app uses data/Wi-Fi and GPS to connect and that is what normal apps use. It is a must have for your Smartphone if you want to have an easy time getting information in an instant.
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