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DLL files are very important for the functioning of the Windows OS. The DLL files are not the system files, but they are very useful. Such files act as the bridge between the OS and the software. If the DLL file is missing from your system, then you will definitely face some issues and error messages. The avifil32.dll file missing windows ten error is one such common error. While opening certain software, you’ll face the avifil32.dll was not found Windows error. Well, the simple solution is to download the avifil32.dll file and replace it in the directory. In this post, we are sharing the exact ways you can fix avifil32.dll was not found an error.

avifil32.dll File Missing Error Solution 

What is avifil32.dll File? 

The DLL files are nothing but the Dynamically Linked Libraries. With the DLL files, the Windows and the software programs communicate with each other. Such DLL files allow the software programs to access the Windows functionalities with ease. The DLL files are the most important files for any software, and not having them or deleting them will show you the avifil32.dll file error. 

How to Fix avifil32.dll Missing Error? 

There are a few working solutions to fix the avifil32.dll was not found an error. You can follow these methods pretty easily to get rid of the issue. As we share the detailed information, you don’t have to deal with the technicalities and try using these methods by yourself. 

Method #1 – Download the Missing DLL File 

If you face the avifil32.dll not found error, you should immediately know that the file is missing from the software directory. So, the best and simplest method for the same is to get the file downloaded on your computer and place it in the respective directory. Here are the exact steps to download the missing DLL file and fix the issue immediately. 

  1. First of all, download the avifil32.dll file from this link. We are sharing the trusted download link for this file. 
  2. Mostly, the file is downloaded in Windows by default in the Downloads folder. Go to the Downloads folder and copy the file by pressing the “Ctrl + C” key combination.
  3. Now, go to the respective directory of the BurnAware software program. Mostly, you’ll have this software installed on the “C:/” drive. 
  4. It’s time to press “Ctrl + V” to paste this file into the respective directory. After you place the file in the directory, you’ll be able to use the software from now on.
  5. Double-click on the BurnAware software and check if you are seeing the avifil32.dll file missing or not. If it’s not coming, then you have successfully fixed the issue.


64bit 6.3.9600.17415114.0 KBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : 6b75a74e20746768c6dfa3f409b0fa6e
SHA : eb77e57d335574ec8692cba6b677eae74e66ce11
32bit 6.3.9600.1741594.0 KBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : a668409bb1889f1a92e6bc113a6104f7
SHA : c2c73035105a3f09b051856097d6401a0caeeb67
32bit 6.3.9600.1638487.0 KBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : 5f079a5bab02ed6d4ab6c57fa07bd73b
SHA : dcb92b0f79958a5fc3fce85c0bb1dbbe53a56394
32bit 6.2.9200.1638486.0 KBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : 77e22d208d11d5a6307197f1b09a09f0
SHA : 0dfffd881706cfc0096b4f96ec284efa4930cb36
64bit 6.2.9200.16384106.0 KBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : bffa77093605e9e3025ca6a014709db0
SHA : 28f45ae423a2e80355f30076c44f8d844c507e30
32bit 6.1.7601.1751489.5 KBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : dceabba22e12cc44c2e7785c0eb9c6e3
SHA : 86cb15b4721f2943f671f5ab4111055a782efc70
32bit 6.1.7600.2060089.5 KBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : 379e031fa0f3ea93f0bc0d2d2cf5d36d
SHA : ac9016c4ea86fbfd18b037c82fa1272ede105732
64bit 6.0.6001.18389106.0 KBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : 05a31aa0fd05fa93dc027096d7537fba
SHA : 8ac4ce08801af79416d764cf1e744400c9cf76bc
32bit 6.0.6001.1838989.0 KBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : 102e1942b0ff8708166e716a829c8ae8
SHA : dbe4f53d922954178837a5bfb5503b7b099f24ab
32bit 5.1.2600.590883.0 KBKoreanMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : 29e8b2af16f490370bd40123e5ef7b1e
SHA : 2c8c402138860f1e62c948cfa7845e87dc339908
32bit 5.1.2600.590883.0 KBArabicMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : 9d06d83a78e6d2bc75c22aa2ec90f87e
SHA : 7c7a279b54ef86e7a06dfb564fbd98836cfb56b5
32bit 5.1.2600.590883.5 KBBrazilian PortugueseBiblioteca de suporte a arquivos AVI da MicrosoftMD5 : db4897c40f6d4360a680a5d425a8bc1e
SHA : 16e3d1c20e2bc1ea0ad9a7add43796132c7c9fc2
32bit 5.1.2600.551283.5 KBFrenchBibliotheque d’assistance des fichiers AVI MicrosoftMD5 : b8d69a9bdb2087abc904cfcd46c5b384
SHA : 669cb896b9f7928982804813e687028544e294bc
32bit 5.1.2600.551283.5 KBSwedishFilstodsbibliotek for Microsoft AVIMD5 : d31a6aef2a045ab9f4a190ba20ae5c70
SHA : 287826b51f1fe01a0adb8b4d15ce011a3dc8570b
32bit 5.1.2600.551283.5 KBBrazilian PortugueseBiblioteca de suporte a arquivos AVI da MicrosoftMD5 : fca7aedf94a19a0fd4a92dcc819ab579
SHA : 137fc4613dc45474412897d83a9b6ed4b0478349
32bit 5.1.2600.218083.5 KBSwedishFilstodsbibliotek for Microsoft AVIMD5 : 2c83b58fbe91e7d4e34c90e626fbdc2b
SHA : d3d735eaef3d3af451d71d917d486341be3efa04
32bit 5.1.2600.218083.0 KBTurkishMicrosoft AVI Dosya destek kitapl?g?MD5 : 872f903ea82e8a2567c8bfc3c424070d
SHA : 2921c3833dad316f7ef35a96f0fabc1a00ef18b9
32bit 5.1.2600.218083.0 KBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : 920fcb1152b2d6490ee2b93e797d7c57
SHA : 961a6aecd915606ea2385c2c6d0a8201b4405160
64bit 10.0.14393.0112.5 KBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : 5344560da8da767b1c3fc6db4cdc169d
SHA : 636b89e6331affe1170195156768390f68d3038c
32bit 10.0.14393.097.5 KBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : a3180249cfd7472e545d48fc5bd17242
SHA : bb040e9a95376d7445c9e03003e600e5859c1687
64bit 10.0.10586.0115.5 KBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : 4d3e7fdc44f8d2df46d9b7fe80c7a64c
SHA : ba079a4ba2c5961290987f0209d866474e592030
32bit 10.0.10586.097.0 KBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft AVI File support libraryMD5 : bdb7c66d5010e5e4216ca0511e3aaaf4
SHA : e5c5a03dfad6461fcc96acb56c7e5439b8ed3fd9

Method #2 – Fix Issue Automatically 

There is special software that will help us to automatically fix any error, even if it’s avifil32.dll not found. You can easily use our special All-in-One error fixing software program to fix this issue within a few minutes. 

  1. First of all, click “this link” to download the All-in-One software. 
  2. Double-click on the installer and follow the on-screen instruction to install this software on your computer. 
  3. Now, it’s time to run this program. Go to the Desktop and double-click on the icon to start the program on your computer.
  4. Once it starts, it’s time to click on the “Repair” button to start fixing the errors. Within a few minutes, this repair program will fix all the issues immediately. 


Frequently Asked Questions for avifil32.dll File 

#Q1 – What Causes avifil32.dll File Not found an error? 

When the software is not able to find the necessary DLLs, it will show the file not found an error. Due to the accidental deletion or the false detection by the Antivirus software program, it causes the file to Delete, and you see the avifil32.dll file not found an error on your system. 

#Q2 – Isn’t there any solution to fix the avifil32.dll missing error automatically? 

With the use of our sophisticated software program, we can easily fix this issue. The software will automatically run the background checks and will deploy all the methods to fix this issue permanently. Download the provided software and get rid of all technical issues permanently. 

#Q3 – Is avifil32.dll a virus program? 

No. The avifil32.dll is not a virus program and will not cause any issues in the system. Even if any antivirus program detects the same as a potential threat, you should not worry at all. 

Final Words 

There is not a single person on this planet who is using a Windows computer. The avifil32.dll is a simple error and easy to fix. With the methods mentioned in this post, you can quickly fix this error and enjoy using the software on your computer with ease. 

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