Top 10 Best Apple Airpod Straps: Updated 2024 (Must Check)

People were laughing when Apple introduced the AirPods for the iPhones, but, with time Apple users started appreciating the AirPods for its quality, convenience, and usability. Now, almost every  Apple smartphone user is using the AirPods over USB-C type headphones as they are wireless and convenient to use and carry. But as they are wireless, there is a high chance that they might fall when we are doing some intense physical activities. To prevent accidental falls down, you should use the Best Apple Airpod Straps and keep them tied around your neck.

If you’ve bought a pair of Apple AirPods for your iPhone, then you should use them carefully. To prevent it from falling off your ears, you should use these Best Apple Airpod Straps, to keep them tied in one place. In this post, we are listing some popular Apple AirPods straps to hold the Airpod around your neck and prevent accidental drops.

Top 10 Best Apple Airpod Straps Review [Update 2024 ]

1 – DHOUEA Airpod Straps

The DHOUEA looks very interesting and fits perfectly on your ear. The Around-the-ear sturdy strap connects to the bottom of your Airpod and then you can keep it tight around your ear. The DHOUEA AirPod straps are very comfortable for the ears and don’t ruin the experience of listening to music from AirPods.

The entire strap is made with soft ABS plastic and Silicone, which makes it lightweight and also comfortable. You can wear them as long as you want, and it won’t hurt at all. It does not have a long wire at all, so you still enjoy the wireless music with this strap and AirPod combination.

2 – Ace Select

If you keep roaming around with your AirPods, then you are at a higher risk of losing them without the strap. The Ace Select Airpod Straps are designed to keep your AirPods together all day. If you are not wearing them, then you can keep them together in one place with no issues at all. The magnetic design sticks both the AirPods together for a long time so that you won’t lose or accidentally drop them. It’s not just for keeping them safe in your pocket, but they have a small string, which allows you to wear it around your neck while running, gymming, playing, or doing any physically intensive task.

Soft silicone string and the magnetic holder are great for wearing it all the time and comfortable too. The Ace Select Airpod Straps are available on the Amazon Marketplace.

3 – elago

The Elago Airpod Straps look beautiful and sturdy. With the strong holder that you should connect to the end of the Airpod keeps holds them tightly. With the Elago branding on the holder, it looks premium for use. Just like any other Airpod strap, the Elago straps are manufactured with high-grade silicone and feel comfortable.

The thin string that connects the AirPods is pretty strong and has a soft coating. So, if you have any skin allergies, you don’t have to worry about them. The Elago AirPods straps come in different colour options like Black, Blue, Indigo, and white.

4 – iAbler

If you are a fan of the minimalistic design, then the iAbler straps for AirPods are great for you. With the neat design without any feature except the silicone rubber strings and the sturdy holder, these are great for light use. If you always drop the Airpods on the ground, then you should check the iAbler straps. These straps are extremely lightweight and soft and they won’t mess with your music experience and won’t tickle your neck.

These are not suitable for people who do intense physical activities as the holder for  Airpods is not that strong and only suitable for simple use.


Just like the DHOUEA Straps, the UMTELE Airpod straps are great for your ears. The stringless design makes it very exciting and comfortable for your ears too. The UMTELE Straps for Airpods is ergonomic and fits perfectly behind your ears. Instead of wearing loose string around your neck, you’ll feel the UMTELE Straps behind your ear. They are made with ABS plastic and Soft silicone material, which is durable and soft at the same time.

If you prefer the minimal design and hate the string to enjoy the true wireless experience, then UMTELE Airpod Straps are best for your needs.

Final Words

The Airpod is a great innovation from Apple. With the introduction of the Airpods, many Apple smartphone users forgot to wear their wired earphones to listen to music. Although the Earpiece-only design is not very good, the Airpod straps take care of every flaw of the design and won’t let them fall on the ground quickly. I hope you’ll buy any of the mentioned best AirPods straps for your brand new AirPods.

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