Best Personal Blenders Black Friday Deals from Amazon- Upd 2023

Do Not Miss Out on the Black Friday Deals on Personal Blenders!

Presently, your morning routine is somewhat like this – wake up in the morning, freshen up, rush to the kitchen, finish all cookery work, and then run to your office. Generally, this is the routine of most women today. Now, think of the havoc rush that you go through every day. What if suddenly your mixer grinder stops working? Well, that’s going to land in a big mess. You are late in your kitchen and eventually for your office too. What now?

Hurry! Purchase Personal Blender!

If you do not want to face such a situation every day, buy the best personal blender from the Black Friday deals. Personal blenders are commonly known by the name of ‘Single-Serve Blenders’. Recently, they have become the fastest-growing appliance amongst the category of cookery items. This is because there has been the current popularity of consuming healthy smooth items.

Most of you do not want to buy that huge mixer grinder for your kitchen. You prefer something compact, small as well as beneficial. So, many of the manufacturers of large appliances have also shifted from those biggies to something precise. That is how personal blenders emerged.

Who needs a personal blender?

Generally, personal blenders are a perfect match when you are planning to cook in a small quantity. Take the examples of a protein shake before you go to the gym or some healthy smoothies. Besides, personal blenders also serve the purpose of crushing nuts or making paste-like purees in fewer amounts.

The personal blenders stand as an advantage because of their size. However, when comparing the power of a personal blender to a mixer grinder, the former lags behind. Also, the blending cannot be done in large amounts. You cannot put too many ingredients into a personal blender. So the reasons for which people usually choose a personal blender is its price, compact size, and its capability to blend in small batches as well as blend quickly.

How to choose the best personal blender?

As has already been mentioned earlier, blenders are available in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Mainly, it is the price that stands as the determinant of the power and features of a blender. The lower is the price of a blender; the weaker it is in its workings. The low priced models have weak motors. This is the reason they get ruined soon. Further, personal blenders with weak motors have a tendency to get overheated or broken in no time.

As you move upwards in the price range, you get a stronger motor that bears a power of 600 watts. It is capable of handling more amounts of products and the blending performance too is better than the weaker ones.

best personal blenders in the Friday Deals from Amazon: Updated 2022


1.Nutria Bullet Pro 900

Nutria has captured the market immensely. It blends all ingredients much faster than all other blenders. The power supplied is 900 watt. The colossal cups measure 32 oz. the cups are capable of holding raw materials so that it can blend the material to a complete smoothie at ease. The width of the cups is 4 inches. This gives a lot of surface area for the blades to revolve as well as the ingredients to grind.

Using the blender is very simple. There are no control buttons. It can be operated on hands. As per the size is concerned, the full blender measures 15 inches in height. It is light in weight and can be stored at any place.

2.Breville Boss To Go

This is a power-packed blender that can perform independently. The product was launched into the market just two years back. Within these two years, it has captured a good share in the market as well as into people’s hearts. It features a 1000 watt power. The design is stylish and sleek. The whole blender comes along with two other tumbler cups that measure 16 oz and 23 oz.

When you think of the performance, there is no match to Breville Boss. Just like its name, it is a boss! The feel is smooth and the design too is of high quality. Overall, it is a good product and worth buying.

3.Jamba Quiet Shield Blender

This is a production of the Hamilton Beach Company. The product is a wonderful combination of both a single server blender and a top-notch conventional blender. This blender is a bit larger than the remaining two. However, it is smaller in size than the conventional ones. The single server measures 20 oz while the loading container at the top can weigh 32 oz.

Added to this, its sound dampening cover lowers the noise when it is in use. The motor of the blender is a 1.6 horsepower motor. Also, the blender comes with a warranty period of 5 years.

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