What’s Better for Regular Houseplants? Plastic Planters or Ceramic Planters?

It’s the preference of the gardeners to choose between the variety of planters. They all know about the differences between each planter and get to choose the best ones. But for the regular household plants, the people might know about the right planters. There are plastic planters and ceramic planters available in the market, which are pretty common and are used by regular people. But knowing the differences between these two will help you with the growth of the houseplants and also have a good garden. 


You might find an abundance of plastic pots in the market, as some good plastic planters manufacturers are active in the markets. Well, you may also have the option of choosing ceramic pots. But which one is better for regular houseplants? If you are interested in knowing about the same, you are at the right place. In this post, we will share detailed information on the Plastic planter pots and ceramic pots for the regular houseplants that decorate your house. 

Plastic Pots vs. Ceramic Pots – Which One is Better? 


#1 – Weight 

Well, the weight of the Ceramic pots will be higher than usual. They are made with ceramic or cement mixture; they are pretty heavier than Plastic pots. But the durability of the ceramic pots is higher when we compare them with the plastic pots. 

The plastic planters are suitable for small gardens. If you have a small space to keep your plants, then Plastic planters are suitable. Not just that, the plastic planters are great for smaller plants like the Holy Basil, Rose Plant, or any other flower plant in your house. You should select lightweight plastic pots for smaller plants. 

#2 – Durability 

We are pretty confused between the Ceramic and the Plastic planters when it comes to durability. These two are durable from various perspectives. As the Ceramic planters are very thick and heavy, they are safe from any kind of atmospheric damage. So, they will last longer in normal conditions. But, when dropped, kicked, or accidentally fell on the ground, they may break easily. So, if you are keeping the ceramic planters in one place for a long time, then they are durable.

On the other hand, the majority of plastic planters are thin and lightweight. They might degrade over time due to exposure to moisture and environmental factors. So, if you are using it for a long time, then the plastic planters may get damaged and develop cracks. Otherwise, it’s good enough to have them in your home garden. 

#3 – Breathability 

Well, the regular house plants may not need a lot of space, but they need breathability. Fortunately, the breathability and space of expansion for the roots are available in the ceramic planters. If you want to keep your plants for a long time, then having ceramic planters is the best option than plastic pots. If you use the plastic pots, you will eventually have to transfer the plants in the ceramic or earthen pots for better growth. In short, in terms of breathability for the pots, the plastic planters are not good at all in the long term. 

Final Words 

It’s all about the plants in your garden, as they are the centre of attraction in your garden. You have to take care of multiple factors, as you might have to take care of the same. With the detailed information, we tried our best to clear the doubts about the ceramic planters and the plastic planters. When it comes to the economic factors, you have to choose plastic planters, but otherwise, ceramic planters are the best option. 

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