d3d9.dll File Download Free | How to Fix d3d9.dll Not Found Error Windows

There are many data burning software programs available on the Internet. With professional data burning software programs like the BurnAware Pro, the users won’t have to rely on any other software program. There is no program available for the computers that will not throw any while you are using it. The BurnAware pro app will throw the d3d9.dll file missing error when trying to use it on your computer. Well, that’s a common error, and thousands of people have experienced the same. In this post, we will share detailed information about this error and the ways you can fix this within a few minutes. We share the detailed methods by which you can easily fix the d3d9.dll Not found an error in Windows. 

d3d9.dll File Missing Error Solution 

d3d9.dll File Download Free | How to Fix d3d9.dll Not Found Error Windows

What is d3d9.dll File? 

The DLL files are nothing but the Dynamically Linked Libraries. With the DLL files, the Windows and the software programs communicate with each other. Such DLL files allow the software programs to access the Windows functionalities with ease. The DLL files are the most important files for any software, and not having them or deleting them will show you the d3d9.dll file error. This is the special file for the BurnAware Pro software program. You’ll see the d3d9.dll missing error while running this software. 

How to Fix d3d9.dll Missing Error? 

There are a few working solutions to fix the d3d9.dll was not found error. You can follow these methods pretty easy to get rid of the issue. As we share the detailed information, you don’t have to deal with the technicalities and try using these methods by yourself. 

Method #1 – Download the Missing DLL File 

If you face the d3d9.dll not found error, you should immediately know that the file is missing from the software directory. So, the best and simplest method for the same is to get the file downloaded on your computer and place it in the respective directory. Here are the exact steps to download the missing DLL file and fix the issue immediately. 

  1. First of all, download the d3d9.dll file from this link. We are sharing the trusted download link for this file. 
  2. Mostly, the file is downloaded in Windows by default in the Downloads folder. Go to the Downloads folder and copy the file by pressing the “Ctrl + C” key combination.
  3. Now, go to the respective directory of the BurnAware software program. Mostly, you’ll have this software installed on the “C:/” drive. 
  4. It’s time to press “Ctrl + V” to paste this file into the respective directory. After you place the file in the directory, you’ll be able to use the software from now on.
  5. Double-click on the BurnAware software and check if you are seeing the d3d9.dll file missing or not. If it’s not coming, then you have successfully fixed the issue.


32bit 6.3.9600.174151.8 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 0936955770489965eb9041d00636369d
SHA : 4663fab19d9f2229fde4edcbe6f80869b6d9b77c
64bit 6.3.9600.174152.1 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 972b9c13c75465b0d5a527584bb5819f
SHA : a9e9cd45d93819a29196fb94c5e7236a445afeec
32bit 6.3.9600.170951.7 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 949e0e42daad0418513b44c31a697ca5
SHA : 132e9cbdb6cc617ce239216ec741079dab116c72
64bit 6.3.9600.170952.0 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : c1e44a99f7cf8c3a08cd5addf451636c
SHA : 770f3aeb1f2befc26006018c128b2b608aeb78dd
32bit 6.3.9600.164041.7 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : d85f310b0871af13961d1c9a9695d756
SHA : 520769173d8cc37e4c6800497db4117974b9ecfb
32bit 6.2.9200.163841.7 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 118ba3061b4040bdc17432b775f3a292
SHA : 47d2843bfa6fee105abfcc4625bee8fbbfa0755c
64bit 6.2.9200.163842.0 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 94c17410f8a3e6bd1b1af59539d2437e
SHA : 294df899e9ca485ecf9c646ce15d79ca991725c8
32bit 6.1.7601.175141.7 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 6ef5f3f18413c367195f06e503ab86a6
SHA : 74e5861dd61d6ddec17dc802664e26196d628bc9
32bit 6.1.7600.163851.7 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 7459301d21c2e21468823f73042d9f87
SHA : c69e4b71fd39a2ebcd1ad56f05cc902be82a9984
64bit 6.0.6001.180001.8 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft Direct3DMD5 : 515417b02df24e1768b2e93f74b010ea
SHA : e0008b0d382c5d5ffaf7b0783f4a8c0d62cf04c0
32bit 6.0.6001.180001.7 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft Direct3DMD5 : fab8f08ec64a54917c07bdb6dc811c95
SHA : 507b378f655808fc03aae18f21172e33a4dc1a00
32bit 5.3.2600.55121.6 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft Direct3DMD5 : 3aab4a2f773eeb6dc732d6ccfb559c4a
SHA : cc1a12f476c453d97758feb62d118b44c0d87eb9
32bit 5.3.2600.21801.6 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft Direct3DMD5 : 013a032aa914b35ff98c7c209d8fe556
SHA : 07bdb89a6da0017996aa1e803f78c5597ff28d19
32bit 5.3.2600.21801.6 MBU.S. EnglishMicrosoft Direct3DMD5 : 7b25a35ceb71b1790a785b29bd5c529c
SHA : 917add57feef2b35c82fadae3375dd865de6a710
32bit MBSwedishMicrosoft Direct3DMD5 : cfef78d10f8d0531d494334e29f6f3a2
SHA : a2e8184efe677305f9a1e300085053079337850e
64bit 10.0.15063.01.5 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 1bbe7d3f447a60f4a443bcd270acfc24
SHA : 3f042363595b3c1aab3ed7a011ab1316955b1c70
32bit 10.0.15063.01.4 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 89c616a2351571c80a1c8e59f06993c0
SHA : 667918f55d934d3cc7de6983d797fefb93b1f5d0
64bit 10.0.14393.01.5 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 2d002258749111b2edbdf8b7f32d8c48
SHA : eb844fa879b4e38841307aae7d258b7ffbecd471
32bit 10.0.14393.01.4 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : d10ce25f7304cd6f69e1ef859d52e43e
SHA : 1f9d45d797eaa063a24859ec2a5a97383b3ef932
32bit 10.0.10586.4941.8 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 4102898869c3f72fbd50e7a7d003f530
SHA : 0eebf3b27a72f82f2ad02fcb1710787e3bbdc5b7
64bit 10.0.10586.4942.0 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 556e7c9734b9d2581022c56a23c96b78
SHA : d77a2bcf77e15482adef8d50a5b302efcad30b5f
64bit 10.0.10586.02.0 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 6842bee591a23720e628e475fd918ab1
SHA : 853bf165f7ff93f2e537092456ca47ad2f36621b
32bit 10.0.10586.01.8 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 9d8bc943f18912a09c5724f35691b765
SHA : 58d95f0907140a4b9fdac1b6c0c901be6f7d5b94
64bit 10.0.10240.164122.0 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : 91e005e44100e257761a8fd49bc62e51
SHA : b0fc2d10817c0e6b0ce224961b20da1f3648c9f7
32bit 10.0.10240.164121.8 MBU.S. EnglishDirect3D 9 RuntimeMD5 : e731e28520e527e9eac2049b3147d536
SHA : 0cd7e7383b1c0bfd90f9c5e6f291c001d1ea9bc6

Method #2 – Fix Issue Automatically 

There is special software that will help us to automatically fix any error, even if it’s d3d9.dll not found. You can easily use our special All-in-One error fixing software program to fix this issue within a few minutes. 

  1. First of all, click “this link” to download the All-in-One software. 
  2. Double-click on the installer and follow the on-screen instruction to install this software on your computer. 
  3. Now, it’s time to run this program. Go to the Desktop and double-click on the icon to start the program on your computer.
  4. Once it starts, it’s time to click on the “Repair” button to start fixing the errors. Within a few minutes, this repair program will fix all the issues immediately. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

#1 – What Causes d3d9.dll File Not found an error? 

When the software is not able to find the necessary DLLs, it will show the file not found an error. Due to the accidental deletion or the false detection by the Antivirus software program, it causes the file to Delete, and you see the d3d9.dll file not found an error on your system. 

#2 – Isn’t there any solution to fix the d3d9.dll missing error automatically? 

With the use of our sophisticated software program, we can easily fix this issue. The software will automatically run the background checks and will deploy all the methods to fix this issue permanently. Download the provided software and get rid of all technical issues permanently. 

#3 – Is d3d9.dll a virus program? 

No. The d3d9.dll is not a virus program and will not cause any issues in the system. Even if any antivirus program detects the same as a potential threat, you should not worry at all. 

Final Words 

There is not a single person on this planet who is using a Windows computer. The d3d9.dll is a simple error and easy to fix. With the methods mentioned in this post, you can quickly fix this error and enjoy using the software on your computer with ease. 

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