Ways of using MS Excel for Online Marketing- Top tips for Digital Marketers

One marketing mantra that is very popular nowadays is “Sales is all about numbers.” However, it is valid to some extent because more is the number, more are consumers. Hence, the sales manager and their team drive sales through various techniques. One of them includes online marketing. Online marketing is all about connecting with users through digital means. Here, SEO, PPC, and the number of visitors decide whether sales tactics are becoming successful or not? Hence, when there is an online marketing campaign, do not ignore the importance of MS Excel. It is a very useful tool to run a successful virtual marketing campaign sitting in the comfort zone. Below in this post mentioned a few easy ways to use this tool in online marketing.

Ways of using MS Excel for Online Marketing- Top tips for Digital Marketers


 Budget purpose

Before initiating the online marketing campaign, it is important to figure out the expenditure and amount spent. So, how much money is affordable to invest for the payroll of content writers or SEO personnel? What should be the advertising expenditure if the advertised brand on Google? Hence, bookkeeping these queries will help users in the long term to manage the capital flow. In MS Excel, users have options to automate the calculation process using the Python language. Or else, by incorporating simple formulas and functions, users can save lots of time in calculation. Instead of sitting with the calculator, they can calculate data with MS Excel within a few clicks.

Maintaining the social media post

Social media platforms are the best means to market and channel the business. Here, users have options to drive sales and build countless followers with an effective digital marketing strategy. Moreover, users can create a custom registration through WordPress to get more potential users towards their brand. But, those who are unaware of it must refer to how to add a user registration form to the WordPress website? MS Excel is helpful to analyze the conversion rate and performance of the SEO through a single spreadsheet. Digital marketing specialists count the number of visitors on the post and showcase the brand on platforms, giving positive results.

Generating and Tracking Leads

Not all traffic is lead, but every lead is traffic. So, MS Excel is an effective tool to monitor traffic and generate leads. In SEO, lead and its conversion are the primary factors driving traffic and revenue for brands. Also, digital marketing specialists can maintain records about the potential leads that have the possibility to convert them into actual consumers. The spreadsheet is a helpful tool to figure out the direction of traffic coming from and how much is possible to convert them. 

Maintaining the Blog Calendar

Who said MS Excel couldn’t be used as the calendar? It is the ability to schedule the content writing and maintain the upload data. Thereby, users can easily preserve the blog calendar and track the blogs and their updates on the spreadsheet. Today, many online marketers keep the same way of assigning content writing tasks to professional writers. Also, they include keywords on a daily basis on which writers write the content.

Moreover, they sometimes add screenshots as well in the excel cell. In case someone who does not know about adding pictures, may refer to how to insert picture into excel cell? It troubleshoots content management issues, and online marketers can easily keep an eye on every content performance.

The bottom line

So, these were some easy ways to use the MS Excel sheet in an online marketing strategy. Also, this tool helps in content management and lead generation. Hence, in the following online marketing tactics, use MS Excel.

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