Top 7 Best Free Android Tablet Games

Top 7 Best Free Android Tablet Games

Ever since Android has been introduced in the market, it has become widely popular. Android Tablets are being sold like hot cakes. They are not only easy to use but the wide range of apps has allowed users to do any type of work on-the-go. It is convenient to check emails, conduct web conferencing, update calendars and fix up meetings. Android apps are being continuously upgraded and new ones are launched to beat Apple’s iOS. With less cost than Apple’s product, Android provides same functionality and smoothness.
Not only business apps, tablets are popular for gaming. The best part of playing on the tablet is you necessarily don’t need a friend and can play whenever you are free. There are e-versions of age-old board games, and then there are new racing games, puzzles, or adventure games. You can post your high scores on Facebook and challenge your friends. Some versions of the games are available free of cost while you can pay for some and enjoy the premium view. With almost half of 2013 gone, let’s discuss

Top 7 best free games for Android tablet. My top picks are:

Top 7 Best Free Android Tablet Games

Temple Run 2.0
With Temple Run 1.0 already being on top 10 for 2012, the 2.0 version has already seen over 170 million downloads. It is full of adventure in mines and forest and much more fun than the first version. Download it and get addicted!!

Subway Surfers
This game has topped the charts in 2013 for colourful 3D graphics and nice background score. Even playing for hours you can’t still get enough of it. With various features like jetpack, daily missions, running on railway tracks and surfing on the jetpack, this game is loaded with adventure. You can buy various profiles and run on the trains to keep away from Police inspector and his dog.

Angry Birds Star Wars
With merging Angry Birds characters with Star Wars weapons, this latest version is gaining a lot of popularity among all age groups. As always Angry Bird is loaded with lovely music track and great animation. This game still might be on top of the charts by end of 2013.

After installing this game, you sure are going to be noticed even in a big crowd. With tilting the tablet here and there to save the ball between various platforms, Drop is an awesomely good game.

Dead Trigger
This is a shoot and kills zombie game with lovely graphics. You will keep shooting one after other zombies which have appeared post-apocalyptic. You can pay some money to buy better weapons and upgrade the abilities.

Bad Piggies HD
Another fun game by Rovio, with over 80 levels. Its same like the angry bird but with better animation and all the more challenging. Play with family and score maximum stars.

Six Guns
The new cowboy game loaded with mysteries and challenges to be uncovered. You will slowly unlock various horses, weapons and other things and carry on the adventure. No need to spend any money and have fun every time!


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