3 Myths about Making Money with iOS Apps Debunked by Social Cubix

Tons of websites, blog posts and article write-ups give entrepreneurs and businesses mythical and un-verified information about making money with iOS apps. Some of them even go as far as describing it as an incredibly easy method to get rich over night. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Making Money with iOS Apps

Being the pioneer of iOS application development, we dare say to you that most of what you’ve read is mythical knowledge that needs to be debunked. If you’re looking for monetary success via iPhone apps, you have to dig it, nail it, invest in it and toil at it to have any groundbreaking success.
Now, here are three myths commonly found online and we are now officially debunking it for you. This comes to you straight from a professional.

Myth: Launching a Paid iOS Apps Makes You Rich Overnight

Fact: Paid iOS Apps Fails if Your App is Not Worth It

Not just any paid iOS app will help you make money. Drop the idea – unless the application is an ingenious game, a great utility or a product that makes people want to pay. If the application has buggy functionality, is a copy of another app and offers nothing unique, no one would want to pay for it. Even if your app is excellent in all forms – you still won’t be a millionaire over night. It would take you atleast a year to be able to earn any credible revenue from it. Get inspired from Instagram!

Myth: Integrate in-App Purchases for Money Making

Fact: If App is Crappy, No One Paying for Extra Functionality

Right, so you’re not exactly making the whole app for free, but you’re tricking the audience into paying for several integral functions of the application. That simply will land you in the bad books of your audience. The idea is to offer in-app purchases as an option after the user has experienced the, “free” feature of the functionality. Once they are convinced that this feature is worth paying for, they will definitely agree to spend a few cents on it. Until then, you can just rely on the app’s, “free power”.

Myth: Multiple iOS Apps Can Increase Revenue for Startups and Small Businesses

Fact: An iOS App Brings More Marketing Power and Less Revenue Power.

If you’re thinking that you can create multiple iOS apps and then get a good amount from it, you’re just fooling yourself. Note this that even a well executed iOS app brings more brand power and marketing power rather than monetary revenue – unless global brands are so impressed that they are ready to pay for your application. The audience will gain maximum benefit from your iOS game or application and will eventually become your brand follower. They will want to know more about you; visit your web pages and in the long run, may even spend money on your app – should you decide to integrate some in-app purchases.

So you see folks! Making money with an iOS app requires professional support and a good amount of investment before that app actually comes to life and starts providing you with long term benefit.

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