3 Reasons Why you should Hire SEO Companies for Mobile Optimization

3 Reasons Why you should Hire SEO Companies for Mobile Optimisation

A few years ago, when Google and Yahoo were the kings of the internet, choosing an SEO company in Lancashire for your website was an easier job.  The change in the way we use the internet, however, has also lead to a change in the way SEO works. Nowadays, a majority of the internet users prefers using their phones to access the internet rather than their desktops and laptops.


SEO for mobile devices

The practice of building search engine optimisation or SEO techniques for mobile devices is gaining popularity very quickly.  In a survey by Bright Edge conducted in 2013, half the respondents agreed that optimising their website for mobile search is important for success. Many brands have also reported that the majority of their searches are now being made from mobile devices. 88% of hotels in the USA, in fact, have websites optimized for mobile devices. Shopify, the leading shopping website, has reported having said that it expects 40% of its traffic from mobile users by 2013. It is clear from statistics that optimising your website for mobile sites and mobile search options will help you connect to a larger consumer base.


Advantages of SEO for Mobile Devices

Here are the key differences between SEO for mobile devices and those for traditional desktops and laptops-

  • While travelling, people access the internet from different devices. Their location also changes frequently. Your search results, therefore, need to appear to them depending upon where they are. This technique is used mostly for local businesses by SEO companies.
  • Mobile devices are easier to use and handle than the larger and non-portable desktops. Your SEO Company will, therefore, need to present content on the website in a way that it easily fits a smaller screen.  A fewer number of words will also make navigation easier. The designing of mobile sites will thus have to be slightly different from those of traditional sites.
  • The keywords used while typing on a mobile device are different from those while typing on a desktop or laptop. This is usually because people are generally searching for things while on the go and there is no proper physical keyboard. This leads to more spelling mistakes and SEO companies keep that fact in mind while optimizing search engine results.


Providing a good user experience for mobile users should be the foremost concern of your SEO optimization company. In fact, in addition to mobile website designing, good SEO companies provide services like quick loading, easy to scroll pages, mobile-specific content and a good user interface. It is therefore important that you use a firm which optimizes your website content accordingly and keeps in mind the potential customer base.

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