How to do seo of mobile

How to do SEO of mobile

Without resorting to public statistics (which are of all types and in all sectors), searches from mobile devices increasingly multiply.
Not that we should start preparing for them, is that they should be ready to compete in a mobile environment.The keys for this are:
1. Adaptive Design (Responsive Design).
2. Load fleeting.
3. Location (not always).

How to do SEO of mobile

How to do SEO of mobile

We can choose to create a Normal version and a mobile version, in fact, many portals do so, the problems facing the positioning on Google is that if information is the same as the form will take it as duplicate content, plus that split the authority between two different sites, instead of aunarla into one.
The best option is to have a single version, and the solution is to have a customizable design, so that the user does not have to adapt to the net with annoying zooms, but is the site which automatically adapts to the user’s device.
To implement this type of design we have templates for popular CMS then we can modify to our liking, to WordPress , Joomla , Magento , PrestaShop , Drupal , etc..

It is important that a website loads quickly, within one or two seconds at most, since users are like drivers, have (have) very little patience and if the website takes to load jump to other result. This is important not just for SEO in mobile environments but in general, even in mobile environments is further accentuated.
Images are one of the elements that can slow the loading of a site, I use a free basic software calledPhotoFiltre to optimize although show us some resources both online and offline for this.
Then code level, outsource CSS and Java caching system (in WP have WP Super Cache for example, although there are systems for all CMS).
Having a quality hosting is a must too, if we can afford a dedicated server is perfect, and if we can not a VPS is a very good solution.
Google also offers a payment system called Page Speed that accelerates the loading of web pages by a search from their own servers, but I did not try.
Geolocalizarse in Google Places is a good solution for local businesses, as searches from mobiles are usually localized focus on results, but if the website is focused to a broader market and not so located that can be negative.
The location depends entirely on the type of market that we focus on.


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