4 Ways to Play Dead By Daylight-Complete Guide

Dead by daylight is a horror-filled game that can excite and terrify you at the same time. The Survivors are constantly running from the killers who want to string them up as sacrifices. Unfortunately, these killers are powerful and hard to avoid.

4 Ways to Play Dead By Daylight

Well, it’s still a game so, you can enjoy it by using undetected dead by daylight hacks. Moreover, you can even learn about the enemy before running from them.

So, if you’re wondering about the ways to play Dead by Daylight successfully, we got your back. Let’s explore the methods one by one to help you maximize your in-game experience. 

How to play Dead by Daylight 

1.Play as the Killer 

Yes! You can be the sacrifice-crazy killer in dead by daylight. You don’t have to be the Survivor all the time. This character is unique and focuses more on catching Survivors and hanging them on a hook. There are up to 24 Killers to play as in Dead by Daylight. You can play Trapper, Hillbilly, Wraith, Hag, Nurse, Shape, Cannibal, Doctor, Huntress, Pig, Nightmare, Clown, etc. 

 If you’re playing as Killer, you must strategize on ways to capture the Survivors. However, many gamers prefer to play as Wraith because he can pursue a Survivor without being seen. So, you might try him out to become invisible sometimes. 

Also important is that once you capture your enemy and hook him, try to walk away. Then, instead of waiting for the rescue team to show up, you can move over to generator sites to catch more players. Another strategy is to leave the sacrifice site and move farther away to deceive Survivors. Then, if they come around to rescue the victim, you can grab them too. 

Finally, try to be unpredictable sometimes. Even if the Survivors have known who you are and how to avoid you or the weak points to explore, try to confuse them. For instance, if you’re playing Wraith, your bells will give you away unless you strategize how to use it at appropriate times. Also, if you’re playing as the Trapper, try to set two traps to have a backup.  Also, master the map to know the strategic points to set them. 

2.Play as the Survivor 

One of the terrifying things about playing as Survivor is the constant fear of the Killers. Well, your role is to survive their attacks and make it to the exit gates. So, you have to do everything to avoid being caught and hooked for the Entity to swallow you up. 

There are up to 27 Survivors to play in the game. You can play as Meg, Jake Park, Dwight Fairfield, Nea Karlsson, David Tapp, Ashley Williams, Claudette Morelle, Jeffrey Johansen, etc. The one you choose also has its own abilities. 

As a Survivors, you must make it to the five generators and repair them to activate the exit door. One of the best Survivors to play in this game seems to be Jake, especially as a starter. He can disable traps set by the Trapper. Also, Claudette is great, too as she can use her healing abilities for the team. 

But no matter what, always work as a team when playing as Survivor. But they should rescue you instead of jumping in for the rescue. Yes, it seems selfish, but that’s how you survive. Also, try to know the killer after you by paying attention to the signs or cues that give them away. 

3.Play with Friends 

Here is another way to play Dead by daylight. You can play with your gaming friends for a better experience. 

Since the game involves team play, you can plan, strategize and execute tactical operations against the enemies. But, instead of doing all that with random players, you can select your real friends and have at it. 

To play with your friends, once you start the game, choose the “Survive with Friends” match mode and invite your friends into the lobby that you open. When they have appeared, all of you should click on the “Ready” button and then wait. Once the game starts, you can start the survival race. 

4.Upgrade the character you’re playing.

If you want to maximize the potential of your character, try hard to get “blood points.” This is the in-game currency you can use to upgrade your character.  Once you earn enough currency, you can use it to unlock all kinds of Add-Ons and Perks to your character. When you get to Level 50, you can Prestige your character to go back to Level 1. Doing this will unlock the original costume of the character, and you can do this three times in the game. When the Prestige level increases, you can get Ultra Rare, Rare, or Very Rare or items in your Bloodweb. 


If you want to enjoy this game, try playing the different methods we’ve shared in this article. Also, use all the tips and tricks available to ensure a better experience. If you want to play greater as a Survivor, try playing the Killer first. 

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