Blackberry uses teasing strategy a new handset- not up for sale

If you consider yourself among the Blackberry loyalists, and like every other fan you want to get your hands on the limited edition gold Blackberry Bold 9900, the odds of you getting what you want are slim considering you are one of the average fans. You would either have to be a celebrity or an Olympic gold medalist in order for Research In Motion’s gaze to fall upon you, as this device that you would be slobbering for is not up for sale to the general clientele. There are only a select few, as previously mentioned, who will be chosen by the company to get the gold version of the Blackberry Bold 9900.

Blackberry uses teasing strategy a new handset- not up for sale

If I had just one wish, only one demand
Nonetheless, for diehard Blackberry fanatics, who crave for just one glimpse of this device, there are several online videos posted with regards to user’s needs or at least to give them a tease, the people over at Crackberry were ostensibly given a chance to meddle with the device, which they obviously had to give back, but they got the time out to take a video and upload it for gold Blackberry Bold 9900 handset fans. However, do not complain if you see the handset flashing with a cadence of its own; as if a nymph had decided to paint it with all the colors of life, all the while teasing escaping here and there. Never close enough for the fans to touch, just to gaze and bear the innocent longing. That is to say that you can see the limited edition handset get unveiled in the video. Even though with the normal packaging and the average paraphernalia that comes with any Blackberry Bold 9900 smart phone, so no extra candy for those with a sweet tooth. In similar videos, you can see the limited edition gold Blackberry Bold 9900 get compared with a standard Bold 9900 and juxtaposition between the RIM handset and the Blackberry Porsche 9981, which you can buy for sure.
So, it is real gold, right?
Nevertheless, if you fathom that the gold on the limited edition gold Blackberry Bold 9900 is actual gold you would be…wait for it…terribly mistaken! Apparently it isn’t real gold but rather a gold colored material, but the mere fact that the device isn’t out on the market for regular sales and an average user cannot get to buy it, in and of itself makes the handset desirable for them.
Anyhow, that’s about the limited edition gold Blackberry Bold 9900 handsets and their videos, in order to check them any web user knows how and where to look up for any desired videos, you can YouTube or Google them and enjoy the smart phone that in all likelihood you can’t really buy, compared with the ones you can. If you see the video and upon viewing it you decide to hit the markets and get whichever Blackberry handset fits your needs and is also up for purchase, then there are a few things you must bear in mind. You can connect to the web, get your favorite apps and do as you like with the device you have got but the penetration of Blackberry spy software, cell phone trackers, etc. would not be uncanny considering negligent online behavior.

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