What Are The Features Of The Best Mobile Education App?

Slader is a company which hosts an online platform for students and subject enthusiasts to share their knowledge and know-how with their peers and study circle. It is basically a 21st century study group which uses the internet and its features to exchange tutorials and coaching for subjects like mathematics and science and their different sub-subjects.

The slader online platform has recently launched a new free mobile app named – Slader – Textbook Solutions that enables students to browse through several books and studies in mathematics and science in the United States and get relevant feedback and solutions to minute problems and concepts. With its launch, the Slader App has attracted millions of students worldwide to access step by step solutions and concepts across numerous textbooks. Using it is fairly simple, wherein a books barcode is to be scanned in the mobile device, which activates the apps database fetching the related contents of the books.

The salient features of the Slader App are –

  1. Rewards – Though an app based on academics and education, the Salder App also lets its users to earn while they learn and coach. A feature like the Slader “Gold”, which is a virtual currency, lets students offer it to their peers for solving precise and complex homework problems. This currency of sorts can be exchanged for real money.
  2. Real Problems – Unlike other educational apps, which consist of a fixed set of problems, the Slader app features problems which have been produced by students. This enables students and enthusiasts to face such problems and get solutions for them. Typically, this enables students to increase their presence of mind and problem solving ability. This problem solving features enables groups and individuals to further earn rewards and points.
  3. Direct Interaction – Being an application which runs on more or less all the mobile platforms, this app enables students or peers all over the world interact seamlessly with each other. Hence, there is free flow of knowledge, which is further enriching and acceptable. S
  4. Basics – The Slader app is basically a design of the Slader Company, an online study platform. This company is essentially driven by the student community. Hence, the app is also backed by the problems and questions of the students and for the students. This makes learning much more constructive and foolproof as the study patterns of the students are thus escalated across boundaries.

Academic failure is not preferred by anyone and thus there exists a list of comprehensive study materials for all groups of students in the educational world. Furthermore, to provide for added support students often get help of coaching and tuitions. Similarly, technological innovations also cater to the academic support of students. The launch of apps such as the Slader, has catered to the further variation in the educational forum. Also, being available in the mobile and internet platform makes such apps one of the cheapest sources of modern education catering to students from all walks of life.

Education is mandatory for students and such apps are what have contributed to global education largely.


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