Vibosoft 3-In -1 Back Up Extractor iPhone/ iPad/iPod Review

iPhones are the most popular Smartphone in the market. It is an amazing phone. Not only iphone but all the iDevices are very popular and more and more mobile users are turning towards iDevices. There are lots of things which we get from our iDevices; we listen to music, browse the internet, and make videos, order pizza, video calling, and playing games and so on. There are so many beautiful memories, favorite songs, and personal data, professional documents which we store and back up.  We have a variety of software’s, but do we have a perfect back up extractor for our precious iDevices. If not, then read on this comprehensive review about vibosoft a three-in-one extractor.

What Is Vibosoft Back Up Extractor?

The majority of the iDevices users like to back up their data onto desktops with iTunes programs. When they restore and try to extract data there is nothing which they get. For your iDevices you will need powerful software like vibosoft. There are a variety of features which you are going to get with this amazing back up extractor.

  • Restores data from a variety of iDevices such as iphone, iPod, iPad without any loss from iTunes
  • Extracts files from phones
  • save text messages from iphone to computer
  • Clear structure and easy to understand format
  • You can preview your files before extraction
  • Supports a variety of files like contacts, SMS, music, photos, calendar, movies etc

Features In Brief

Extracts Your Old Back Up Files

With the latest version of the software you will get one new feature which is recently added. The feature is “Deep Scan”. With the aid of this feature you can detect all the backup files at any time. After that you can selectively restore your data. It also has a great ability to extract huge amount of files and can automatically detects your back up files that has synch at any point of time. It can also extract iPhone backup from iTunes.

Preview All Your Files Before Back Up

This is important that you preview your files before you extract them. This will save your huge amount of precious time. It has a real time preview feature. You can check your files in thumbnails and confirm whether you require them or not. After that you can save your files in easy to read format on your desktops.

Compatible with all latest iDevices and iOS versions

Vibosoft is high end software with advanced features. This software makes sure that extraction is simple and effective for the users. This software is compatible with all the latest iOS versions and iDevices. You just have to make sure that you are upgrading your version on regular basis. It can perfectly support all iDevices and you do not have to use different software to extract data from yr different iDevices.

Back Up Under Any Circumstances

There are many reasons by which a user can lost his data; mistakenly deleted, formatting, failed o upgrade, default setting or any other reason. Vibosoft is completing able to restore data from any circumstances. It can also restore your back up data in case stolen or lost accidentally.

Vibosoft is amazing software with incredible features. Its latest version is available from its official website. You can purchase it directly from there. It is a worth having software for our iDevices. Vibosoft is available for $39.95. a complete specification and guide is available.  It is very important to have this guide so that you can make your vibosoft work properly.  There are several other useful software’s available with the company.



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