Fluorescent Vs CFL Vs LED Lamps – Which One is Best

A few days ago I replaced the CFL and Fluorescent in my house by LED lamps and it is indeed a wise step that I took. Oh! You are still switched to same poor technology? It might be due to the fact that you do not know that LEDs are the best. I know that no one will accept this statement as it is without knowing the reasons behind it. LED lamps are far better than the CFLs and Fluorescent bulbs in every aspect. To make it clear, I am here with a detailed comparison of features of all these forms of lighting. Let’s proceed ahead to the comparison.

led vs cfl vs flurocent

Fluorescent Vs CFL Vs LED Lamps – Which One is Best

CFLs and Fluorescent bulbs do not last for a long. Their average life span is around 15,000 hours of so. No one on this earth likes to spend his/her hard-earned money on the same product again and again.
LED lamps come with average lifetime of 16 hours. This time span is far better than what you get in the CFL and Fluorescent bulbs.
Impact on Environment
The environment is getting more and more polluted as the time is passing. It is not other than the poor human activities that are resulting the worst impacts on the environment. If this keeps going on, then there may be no life on earth in near future. It is the responsibility of every individual to stay away from the activities and to use the products that do not leave any bad impact on the environment. Talking about CFLs and Fluorescent; these lighting products use Mercury which is very harmful to the environment.
LEDs do not leave any impact on environment as this lighting technology is totally Eco Friendly. There is no use of Mercury or any other harmful material in the manufacturing of LEDs. Which make LED lamps to be Environment friendly.
Energy Consumption
Now this is kind of feature that is directly related with your pocket. CFLs and Fluorescent bulbs consume around 80 percent of the input energy and this much energy gets wasted in the form of heat. So with the CFLs and Fluorescent bulbs, you only get benefit from 20 percent of total energy for which you pay. A complete waste of your money and waste of energy.
LED lamps do not produce any heat which enables you to make use of all of the energy for which you pay.
While opting for any product one must check the safety measures in that particular product, which he/she is planning to buy. Talking about the safety, CFLs and Fluorescent bulbs arefare away from LEDs. CFLs and Fluorescent bulbs make use of glass filament that could break down at any time. Moreover, the continuous heat production by these lighting products, make it risky to use them in areas with less space.
No heat production, not any use of Filament is there in LED lamps, making the safety measures in them to be of top-notch.
I hope this comparison gives the answer that which one is best from CFLs, Fluorescent bulbs and LEDs. The answer is ‘LED’ of course.


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