Get Single Room accommodation in Bangalore with

Get Single Room accommodation in Bangalore with

Is the apprehension of getting a bachelor room in Bangalore is haunting you and stopping you to relocate there with a better career move…Ohooo…do not get bothered so much; is there to sort you with your concerns…How…well, with their uniquely designed web-based platform…where you can actually shop for your desired accommodation if you’re looking desperately for a single room for rent in Bangalore…trust me, the features of are such, that you can actually take a call for your accommodation before landing there

Get Single Room accommodation in Bangalore with Housing

User-friendly search widgets portal welcomes you with the service option on their Homepage, followed by your preferred city. Once you are through with that, you are redirected to the result page with the list view on your left and map view on right with all the available option across the city


Don’t get lost with so many options, rather streamline your search as per your priority. On the top of the list view on left-hand side, you find the option of ‘Sorted by Relevance’ which includes date added, rent and lifestyle rating. On the top of map view the filter panel includes the area, in particular, choices of BHK, rent brackets and more which includes the type of property, flat & society facilities, amenities etc.. Refine your search as per your taste and preferences and pick your desired room

Verified Listing

Once sorted with the priorities, time to check out the rooms. Clicking the options from the list opens up a pop – up display with the photographs tagged as Verified. It means the property has been visited by the team of and they are ones who clicked pictures from different angles to provide you with the inside view of the rooms and all the properties enlisted with has gone through the same scrutiny. Hence your initial step of accepting or rejecting the property is done on this platform


While looking for an accommodation outside your hometown, it’s important to have an understanding of the society. The lifestyle ratings and the society ratings provide you with the due insights. also explores the neighbourhood of the property and rate them on different parameters. So you know, what not to pick to match your lifestyle


Maps are always beneficial to locate the exact location of all the properties. While following the map, you can actually find out the distance between your desired accommodation and your workplace as well as the connectivity of that area with the city

Contact details of the person concerned

If you have been through couple of properties and shortlisted them for comparison and future referencing through Add to Shortlist button, and want to get in touch with them, you are served with the details of the person concerned who has enlisted the property to take it to the next level

Are you still thinking about accepting the thriving opportunity or you have started packing…By the way, get your Android or i-phone powered by the app and also save their 24*7 hotline number 03 – 333 – 333 – 333, if you are relocating to Bangalore or any city so that you are never bothered about getting you a room, because it’s all there in your fingertips…

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