Google New launch “Google Hangout with Gmail”

Google New launch “Google Hangout with Gmail”

Gmail has gifted us the facility of Group video Chat.Google has newly launched the “Hangout” service for Group Video Chat for Google India.In this you can video chat with 9 Gmail users at a time.


To use this service it is essential to have Gmail account and a Gtalk messenger. On Gtalk panel you have to click on the camera icon,then a new pop up window will be displayed,in this pop up window you will be seeing the list of Google+ users.You can add these users by clicking on their Gmail Ids.
You can send an invitation to non Gmail user to join “Hangout”.You can start this app using “Hangout” feature. For this you should also need YouTube account,you can broadcast your chat too.Group discussions,debates with your snaps held here on “Hangout” can be viewed by peoples.Once the “Hangout” is started the group members information is displayed below the video screen.Some extensions such as Google Dock,Google Drive,Effects,And Pingpong “Hangout”s are provided by Google.You can share your screenshot using screenshare facility.After sharing all the members of the group chat can view the screenshot.Google Drive and Google Dock will bring shine to this video chat exclaimed by google.
If you want to enjoy the “Hangout” ,Google has made that experience a bit interesting because you can play games with your chat members.
Google give us opportunity to share wallpapers,sound effects,photos and many more to come,with this you can use new Google Apps.
In future Google will be giving us the service of using calendar,email for “Hangout”.Means at one extent we can share many things with our friends.So Gmail has gifted us a new option to “Hangout” with friends. Kasab was “Hanged Out” very late,but Google gives you facility to “Hangout” now itself.So come on friends,join Google and be the part of “Hangout” service.


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