Intellicast Weather -The weather app, which one use when travelling to the US

Mobile devices along with the internet have had a great effect on our lives and why won’t it be, as they have ideally made our lives easy going. The substantial development in technology has made mobile devices much more interactive and practically usable. From shopping to weather forecast monitoring, mobiles and the internet have made almost everything easier to be viewed and followed.

The Intellicast Weather app is an example of one such technological integration. Based on the Android operating system and downloadable from the APK platform, Intellicast Weather can be defined as the most accurate of the available weather apps in the market. It was essentially developed by WSI Corp and is highly recommended for weather geeks, pilots, weather watchers, truck drives and weather junkies etc.

Intellicast Weather App

Why use Intellicast Weather?

Intellicate Weather app has raised the bar for the interactive weather applications and lets people navigate the forecast for as wide as days 10 days to as minute as 24-Hours. Also, the application has a strong database which ideally tracks storms and other weather instabilities using its advance radar feature. Furthermore, the Intellicast Weather app even tracks down possibilities of earthquakes precisely in the real-time.

What are the features of the Intellicast Weather App?

  1. NOWrad Radar – This feature of the Intellicast app is considered to be the timeliest interactive radar specifically for the North America. This ideally does real-time storm tracking and projects map-based weather alerts.
  2. Display – The Intellicast app is programmed to project stunning visualization of wind motions and formation of depressions through state of the art particle animation and computer programming.
  3. Future Radar – The app uses the so-called TruPoint Technology, to forecast the future weather changes of a specific location.
  4. NWS Watch and Warning – This app is built with the National Weather Service feature, that allows its databases to ideally forecast cyclones and heavy depressions, which furthermore are marked by particular warning signals in the interface.
  5. Push Alert – The app is built in with Push Alert notifications which pop up with any changes in the weather condition of a specified place. This is ideally applicable to the weather of the United States. Also, this app has features for critical alerts which can be manually activated from the menu.
  6. Precise Locations – Intellicast Weather is said to be the most efficient app in projecting the most accurate forecasts in over 50,000 locations.
  7. Boating Subscription – This is an additional or optional feature which includes the latest Marine Charts, NWS Offshore and Coastal forecasts and tide times etc.
  8. Storm Tracker – Another optional feature, which includes real-time high-resolution weather forecasts of the adjoining countries of USA as it is integrated with the climatic forecast modules of the respective countries.

Among all the varied weather apps as available in more or less all the mobile platforms, Intellicast Weather is one of the most accurate and interactive apps, which ideally has the best features to forecast the minutes of the weather changes in and around the region of America.


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