Lasers for Light Shows: A Basic Guide

Lasers for Light Shows: A Basic Guide

Laser, or Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, is the next coming thing in optics and spectroscopy. The plane-polarized light beams that provide the vivid, saturated colours find use in all sorts of different fields from electronics to chemical engineering to medical science to warfare. Of course, lasers also have less serious uses such as laser shows and light shows.

Lasers for Light Shows A Basic Guide

When selecting lasers for such purposes, the most important thing is a colour combination. Because laser has the ability to reach out in three dimensions and because it is monochromatic (i.e. has constant frequency), it can be superimposed even while in motion to create interesting patterns. Here are a few more things about lasers and laser shows:

  1. It is a high-tech light source that is perfect for putting up dazzling shows in various events. There are two types of laser lights that can be used for this purpose: laser beams and laser graphics.
  2. Laser beam shows are the shows that show you lasers in the middle of the sky or in mid-air. These can usually be seen as glowing beams of light. Sometimes, you can scan the beams to form simple objects like geometric shapes, but nothing too complicated.
  3. Laser Graphics need a screen to be shown on. The screen may not be photographic, and most of the times, a simple wall or cloth would do just fine. The patterns that can be formed in laser graphics can go to any length in terms of complexity and are truly dazzling. Another cool fact about laser graphics is that you can project them onto huge structures either still or moving, and it has been done on mountains and waterfalls as well.

Uses of Lasers in the Entertainment Industry

  1. Lasers are versatile tools and can find use at any place that involves celebration, including casinos, amusement parks, and other similar events.
  2. It is very common for laser light shows to be used as effects in sporting events and concerts. Few of the rock concerts that we have gone to did not involve laser shows.
  3. Because lasers can be projected virtually on anything, they can be used for advertising to masses of people by projecting graphics on large screens.
  4. Dance Clubs. Lasers are used in Discos and Dance clubs where the moving laser light graphics add an aura of turbulence to the theme of the club making it easier for a dancer to attain a state of complete imbalance.
  5. It is often possible to combine both the laser beam and the laser graphics. These lead to excellent shows that involve several screens. Some shows involve laser beams that come from below the screen on which the audience is sitting and makes for an excellent show.

While lasers are an excellent choice for entertainment, it is important to make sure that proper safety precautions are followed in their make. There are some lasers, for instance, that, even at low powers, damage the human retina.


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