How to Print out text message from Samsung phone with MobiKin Assistant for Android

Samsung phones have been one of the most popular mobile cell phone. Since the phone’s memory limitations, as well as some important text messages need to save. There are more and more users need to print out text messages from Samsung devices. However, we can not directly go to print out text messages from Samsung phone. Do you know how to print out Samsung phone text messages? There is no doubt that we need to use android phone tools to help us print out Samsung text messages directly. First, we need use android assistant tools to transfer text messages from Samsung phone to computer. Then, we can print out Samsung phone text messages on pc. I have a recommendation for you. MobiKin Assistant for Android is a professional tool to solve your android phone demand. Why choose MobiKin Assistant for Android to print off Samsung phone text messages?

In my opinion, professional software needs to have two characteristics, on the one hand is software compatibility, and on the other hand is software professional. This is an comprehensive software, not only you can print out text messages from Samsung phone on computer, but also can you transfer text messages, contacts, photos, music, video from Samsung phone to your pc. What’s more, with high compatibility it is able to support more than 200 android phones. MobiKin, which focus on the developing data recover & backup program for Android and iOS device. Besides, it is using the latest chip technology, after several rigorous manual testing, with high stability. If you want to print out text message from Samsung galaxy phone quickly, only need one click. Simple operate bring what you want. So it is more professional.

How to use MobiKin Assistant for Android Print out Samsung phone text message?
Step 1: Install the program and connect the Samsung phone with computer
First, you need to install and run the program on your computer. You can try it for free, or purchase it. Then, you need to connect your Samsung phone to pc through USB cable. If you are connected to the Samsung phone first, and then install the program, please refresh computer. Make sure your Samsung device has successfully connected to the computer. The program will detect your Samsung device, and you will see a panel, wait a while. 1. Enable USB Debugging > 2. Device Detected > Install USB >Driver > Finished


Step 2: Preview and select text messages
All SMS, The SMS messages in two files, one is the Inbox, and the other is Outbox. You can choose them.àYou can see a dialog. Click “Contacts” icon, Enter SMS

Step 3: Print out Samsung text messages on PC
Click “Backup SMS” to transfer text messages from Samsung device to computer. Then, you can find the CSV file on your computer, and print it through the printer. Make sure you have installed the printer. Wait a moment, finished!

This is all the process, if you need to backup contacts from Samsung phone to computer, or save photos from android phone to pc, you can also use MobiKin Assistant for Android to help you solve it. There are two versions for MobiKin Assistant for Android, one is the Windows version, the other is a Mac version. Please pay attention to download it!


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