How has Tata Housing marked its presence in South India?

How has Tata Housing marked its presence in South India?

Tata Housing has been in the property business for over a decade now. The company has been in the development of business parks and building constructions. Some of the major high-rise projects in Bangalore and Mumbai are the result of the efforts of the Tata Housing Company.

How has Tata Housing marked its presence in South India

The company also has not been new in the residential construction. Since 2006, Tata Housing has been a wholesome player the reality arena and there have been projects of Tata Homes in Mumbai, Pune, Kochi and Bangalore.

In 2010, the Tata Housing Company established its wholly owned subsidiary called Tata Value Homes. This company was established after witnessing the rising demand for homes from all consumer segments in India. In the last 2 decades, the purchasing power of individuals has substantially increased. This has presented an opportunity for capturing a larger share of the market.


Earlier people were not willing to give up their lifestyles and would only be interested in row houses/independent homes. But today, the masses are willing to accept apartments as a viable home option and hence the need to develop affordable housing has risen drastically. This is where Tata Homes play an important role.


The parent company (Tata Housing) bears a name that is hardly unknown in any circles. Even if the there is a customer segment which would ordinarily not settle for “affordable housing”, the brand affiliation of Tata would help them change their minds. For a long time now, the Tata’s have been an integral part of our lives. Whether it is food, electricity, clothing, accessories, attire or cars; they have marked their presence in all aspects of our lives. Hence Tata Homes present themselves as an offering that people would not refuse.

Tata Value Homes- Not just a Brand

When Tata Value Homes was created, it was ensured that the Tata virtues remained associated with this new real estate company as well. Quality has been a crucial factor in all projects of Tata Homes. To make the homes affordable, it is also important to create them in bulk. The right balance between quality and quantity is hard to achieve.

Therefore Tata Value Homes hire the services of experts. The company engages the best architects and architectural firms in the world to create the project designs. These firms specialize in modern and environmentally friendly construction. Therefore one would find that all the Tata Homes are never devoid of greenery and natural resources. All the projects make the best use of land and the builders never exceed a desired threshold. This leaves open spaces within the apartment complexes which make them resident friendly housing societies.

Tata Value Homes are designed to be Green Certified. All available natural resources are abundantly utilized and each of these Tata housing projects makes use of facilities which do not result in a stage or exploitation of natural resources. Wherever possible, resources for water harvesting have been established. Similarly, all these projects have been designed in such a manner that there is the availability of abundant sunlight. The builders go a long way towards the development of empty spaces so that the residents do not miss out on the outdoor activities. Almost all the housing projects comprise of social amenities like gyms, clubhouse etc.

In Conclusion

A buyer of Tata Homes would never feel that he/she has been left out. The projects have been designed bearing in mind all the accommodation needs of the Indian masses.

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