Top 5 Blogging apps for iPhone

All those out of you, who are in the field of blogging for quite some time now, must be familiar with the hard work involved in it. Gadgets hold an important place in blogging and help in reducing the workload. From all the gadgets, iPhone is very useful, and you might be having the same in your pocket. If this is the case, then you must download the apps to use on your iPhone. No, not the random games and fun apps, but the apps that can help you in your blogging. Let’s have a look at the 5 best out of them.

Top 5 Blogging apps for iPhone
Top 5 Blogging apps for iPhone

Those who are having their blog on WordPress must download the official WordPress app for iOS, which is available on the iTunes. This app is recommended for the bloggers who travel a lot. You can convert the travelling time into useful time by performing the tasks like approving comments, deleting comments, saving titles. Such tasks are those who are nothing less than a time-waster. But as this app lets you do while on the move, so there is not any wastage of your time. In fact, your time gets passed well.

The app is recommended for those who are having their blogs on Blogger. This is an official Blogger app and all the iPhone owners can get it from iTunes. There are many people who have already downloaded this app. If you don’t come on their list, then you should download this app right away. Talking about the work/features of the app, it lets you do those jobs that you don’t like to do while on a desktop. Yeah, checking comments, approving or deleting them, saving titles, editing articles etc.

If you want to be successful in blogger, then you must be social. You must stay in touch with other bloggers. Skype is the best way to do so. As a blogger, you must be familiar with the service. If you don’t, then I wonder if you are blogger actually or not. Like the ones listed above, this one is also free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Evernote lets you use your iPhone as notepad. It is one of the most used apps by business personalities, students and bloggers. You should also download this app for better management of your docs. This app is most helpful in saving new titles ideas that you come across while on the move. Having this app on your iPhone, you can save the new titles as hit your mind.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a website traffic tracking system and you might be using the same on your blog. If this is so, then you must download Google Analytics on your iPhone. You can track your website’s traffic with ease, while on the move.

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