Top 9 Internet browser for free download

Top 9 Internet browser for free download

Top 9 Internet browser for free download


Google Chrome:-
 Chrome web browser was launched by Google in 2008. It gives complete browsing experience and delivers on user expectations. Currently, this is the most used browser. The popularity of it continues to grow. Chrome web browser is first to introduce tab isolation and one box to search and address. Apart from these all, it also includes some unique and user-friendly features like quick calculation system and drops down feature as well. This is one of the most downloaded internet web browsers.

Download latest version Google chrome: Click Here

Firefox:- Among most popular browsers Mozilla Firefox is one of them. It is easy to use and user friendly as well. The user can plug in many useful features of Mozilla Firefox by using add-ons. You can find this option from the Tools menu. It was first released on Novermber 2004. This browser is known to be fast and secure.

Download the latest version Mozilla Firefox: Click Here

Opera: – Opera is one of the most popular browsers in the world and most useable, with over 270 million users on it. Opera is a very old web browser. It was introduced in 1994. It’s a mobile version called “Mini Opera” is the most popular kind of all mobile browsers. It helps you to quickly access web pages on your phone with a great interface. It has own unique property and features. The best part is that all kinds of web pages can be easily viewed and secured. One of the best feature of this browser is Opera Turbo Mode.

Download Latest version Opera Browser: Click Here

Internet Explorer: – Internet Explorer was first released in 1995. It is highly demanding and widely used browser in the world. It provides great characteristic for Windows users and it runs on Windows operating system. Special IE is designed considering all kinds of web pages can be easily viewed. It provides some great features also.

Internet Explorer Download the latest Version: Click Here

Safari:- Safari web browser was developed in 2003 by Apple Inc. It has come with some additional unique features. This web browser was initially available only for Mac OS and iOs users. But now it can also be used with Windows Operating System. Safari is most popular and growing web browser. Safari supports HTML5 and CSS3. By default, it runs on Mac OS, iPad touch and iPhone as well as on Windows and Linux. Most of the people download it just because it gives browsing experience of Mac.

 Download the latest Version of Safari:- Click Here

Maxthon:- Maxthon might not be very popular browser but I found that it has some unique features like powerful tabbed browser. Tabbed browser means user can be freed of browser crashes. Maxthon works on both Windows and Android platform. Maxthon web browser allows you to customise look, theme and skin easily. You can enhance you browsing experience. It came with such unique feature. I will not say Maxthon is one of the fastest web browsers.

To Download Maxthon for Android Platform: Click Here
 Download the Current Version Maxthon: Click Here

Deepnet Explorer:- Deepnet Explorer is a fastest browser on the web. It was developed by Deepnet Security. Most of the users generally use Windows Os and the best part is, Deepnet Explorer run over it. Explorer offer many useful features. The negative reviews of Deepnet Explorer are about security features.

 Download latest version Deepnet Explorer: Click Here

Rockmelt:- Rockmelt web browser. We can call it Social media web browser also. It can easily integrate with Twitter, Facebook and Google search. Rockmelt web browser comes with Facebook friendly sidebar tool in case you want to interact or contact with Facebook friends then directly you can. I would say virtually any of the Facebook tasks you can perform without leaving the tab. It has also mobile version for iOS.

Rockmelt Download the latest version: Click Here

Avant:- Avant browser is no frills. It is simple browser as Internet Explorer browser(IE). IE web browser has some problems like highly designed web pages unable to open but Avant browser does not have such error. Avant broser is one of the most popular browsers like Chrome and Mozilla. It allow user to browse fast internet with security. Interface of Avant browser is most friendly. It support on plate form of Windows.

Avant Download the latest version: Click Here

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