5 Tips to Choose Best Android Tablets

5 Tips to Choose Best Android Tablets.

Tablets were introduced to us around 3 years back and due to their unique feature of easy to carry, they have widely been accepted. It allows you to carry out all your office work with ease while on move or even have a family video chat while away at a meeting. Tablets have become a constant companion and are bigger mobiles with privacy and easy accessibility. In fact, companies have started introducing phablets which are intermediate between phones and tablets.

5 Tips to Choose Best Android Tablets

Markets are splurging with different tablets every day; it is so difficult to choose the best amongst them. Though every tablet has its own features and usefulness, you need to think over various options before finalizing the correct one. But now since there is a lot of competition between various companies you can get best deals while buying a tablet. Though tablets have one small negative of very small battery life, they are must-haves now. It provides entertainment on all age-group and is a family device.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best tablet as per your requirement and budget:

Price: The most important to factor to choose the tablet is deciding upon the budget. With the range from $200 to almost $700, you have various options. Thus fixing a budget range will help you shortlist the first few tablets. You need to compare prices according to the hardware and processing power of the tablet. You may also need to buy some basic accessories along with the tablet, like sleeves, speakers or 3G/4G access. This will be an added increment to the cost.

Screen Size: Tablets are available in various sizes from 5 inches to 10 inches. You need to clarify the use of the tablet to decide the correct size. If it for serious office work, like working on excel sheets, you might want to consider a large screen size. No doubt that smaller the size is, the more portable tablet would be. But then this will keep you devoid of amazing video experience.

Brand Name: We all know that every brand carries a heavy price. So in case you are low on budget, you can easily choose a less popular brand with same specifications as that of the popular one. This way you will have same hardware configuration but at a low cost.

Reviews: Since it is an online world now, you should read a lot of reviews about various tablets. This will help you avoid the tablets which might give problems at later stages. For example, certain tablets and smartphones have faulty USB ports which don’t function properly after 8-10 months of issuance. It might get inconvenient to keep going through customer care to replace the device.

Features: Shortlist all the features you are considering to look out for. For example you might not need a 4G access but definitely Wi-Fi connectivity. You also need to choose the correct model with enough memory for your usage. If you require it only for gaming then no need wasting money on a 64GB storage tablet. Before buying a tablet it is essential to look for best deals. Go to various stores and compare prices. You can check online deals as well to look for the cheapest tablet


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