Cool new gadgets you shouldn’t miss out in 2013

If the world bypasses all the rumors of 21st December being the Doomsday and stays as it is, then 2013 is certainly going to be the year of the techies and the gizmo freaks. 2013 will see a new trend of some of the coolest gadgets and the varieties that are about to hit the market might as well daze and amaze the gizmos and can even overshadow and outshine Macs and PCs. With the wide array of technology advancements and the different kinds of gadgets that are being available, everyone seems to have adopted a smart taste for electronic gadgets. If you too are eager to know some of the names of the gadgets that you shouldn’t miss out in 2013, read on the concerns of this article.

Cool new gadgets you shouldn’t miss out in 2013

  1. Alienware M14x Laptops: If you’re a hardcore techie or you have a techie friend of yours, this machine by Alienware will offer you a perfect combination of portability and high quality performance. This device comes with an i5 or i7 processor and also dons a GT graphics card. The gadget will boast of a 750 GB hard drive and a 16 GB memory and if you buy this particular object, insufficient memory will certainly be a thing of past for you. If you’re someone who loves to play games or design various kinds of graphics, this might be the right gift for you.
    2. Wi-spy Spectrum Analyzer: The fact that the 2.4 GHx band is too crowded and this calls for the immense need for the Wi-fi tools like the Wi-spy Spectrum analyzer. This device has the capability of identifying and recognizing the quietest channel after isolate after segregating the RF interference sources. The IT professionals will specially like this due to the convenience and user-friendly nature. If you’re looking forward to troubleshooting or optimizing your wireless internet networks, get this for sure.
    3. Neural Impulse Actuator: Do you want an even more engaging gaming experience? You can get this device, popularly known as NIA as this is a pioneer among the latest technology gadgets which can be easily used with a mouse. This device has the capability to stream all the bio-potentials into a PC or a computer and replace the commands of the keyboard with intentions that will further be converted to tensions and this will again be translated to the command structures.
    So, if you’re a gadget freak, just wait for the year to end as the above mentioned gadgets are some of the most exciting things that you should get for yourself this New Year.


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