Top sound system for Good Music

Top sound System for Good Music

Hi-Fi System
Something different is the principle used by the Sony Company.In today’s world there are still some fans of Sony Walkman Series Phones.Sony not only gives Good Sound Quality but Good Dolby Digital Sound Experience.Sony’s creativity and dolby digital system have brought a mini and micro series sound systems.
Sony has brought such sound systems at affordable price for middle class peoples. In micro system CMT-DX400A and WHG-SLKZOD,in mini system MHC-GZR88D with CD,DVD,Tuner,USB and Audio-In functions.Dolby Digital comes system comes with Poweful Sound and 100mm to 13cmWoofers.One feature Sony gives,is the KARAOKE,by which you can sing your favourite song.

MiddleMan Music System
In today’s world Philips and Panasonic are going down but common man has selected their choice as this companies due to their affordable products. These companies has product ranging from Rs.5000 to Rs.10000.Panasonic’s XH-50 and Philips HTS 2500/12 are the home audio range at affordable price.
5.1 surround sound,2 surround speakers,dolby digital sound this systems supports many video-audio formats. Philips classic DVD micro system is popular in todays market.This system comes at only Rs.8000 with good features.For connectivity it gives option such as Headphones,line out, FM Antenna.The system has 4 inch woofers which gives a good look to the system.

Other Options
Except some of these popular companies,JBL or Boss companies also provide a wide range of Home Audio system,Speakers.Due to the products of these companies are high configured the Prices are also at sky level.The common man cannot afford such products due to their high prices. The products ranges from Rs.25000 to Rs.500000.For the middle class peoples companies such as Intex,I-ball,Zebronics,Voks,LG provide many options for Home audio systems with a affordable prices.

Powerful Systems
Its proven that Sony’s speaker quality is crystal clear with good bass and treble and the tagline really suits to these products “MAKE BELIEVE”.The voice quality is also clear and good.No other speakers can give such Crystal clear Quality than Sony.Sony’s Audio products is mixture of Style and Performance.These products are less in weight and are useful for Gaming too.

Sound Bar:-
Philips Sound Bar is good for performance. It can be connected with Laptops or can be wireless connected with pc or is less in weight,allocate less space and can fit in small pouch.

High Volume:-
The sounds are small to see but generates powerful sound,its powerful subwoofers fulfill our audio quality expectations.Volume pad is also there with these system,so without touching pc we can control volume. People who want to hear songs in high voice can purchase this.

Designer Speakers
Harman Carden Soundstick-3,this is not any jelly fish or an aircraft its just the design of speakers.The previous design soundstick 2 was the part of newyork city’s modern art museum. The main feature was the Transparent facing,with these the white glowing LED makes the design more awesome look.
Price-Rs.12000 to Rs.12500

Bluetooth Speaker
These speakers are available in market at low price.You can connect these speakers via Bluetooth or A2DP with your phone. It gives 24 to 25 hrs battery backup.Speakers are available in many colours such as Red,Blue,Pink,Black,Green.Due to Bluetooth support and battery life,these speakers are value for money.
Price-Rs.3000 to Rs.3200

F&DV 560 speakers can also be called as Laptop speakers. You can attach these speakers ath the display through clips. While travelling its useful to watch cinemas or Listen music at light voice.
Price-Rs.500 to Rs.550

Smart Voice
I-ball Opus speaker is smart to see,you can attach pendrive or sd card to these speakers. Mini remote is also available for these speaker system,it comprise of rechargeable batteries.Its get charged by USB or Adapter.
Price- Rs.1200

Ex-mini 2 speakers small and modern design can be appreciated by peoples.While travelling its best to use,voice quality is quite good,but there is lack of bass. Laptop,mobile,mp3 players can be connected to these speakers.Batteryback up is 11hours.
Price-Rs.650 to Rs.750

Altec Lancing VS2621 is the speaker available in 3piece set compatible with mp3 player and laptop.For good voice quality the design of these speaker is somewhat different.With these the subwoofer bass makes the room more rocking.All control buttons are on these speaker itself.
Price-Rs.2000 to Rs.2200

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