5 Ways to get more Facebook likes without buying them

5 Ways to get more Facebook likes without buying them

5 Ways to get more Facebook likes without buying them

We can say 2015 is social media year because in this year many changing in social media networks and very high competition between this social network. Many achievements and introduce a new product by these social media networks, I will share with you some achievement  Instagram make 400 million active users, Facebook has up to 1.5 billion active users in 2015 but twitters back to Instagram 3.60 million users. But we know these network golden places for marketers up to 80 percent of businesses use Facebook to do marketing. But many new businesses joining now Facebook and for them very difficult to get Facebook likes in short time period. Without buying facebook likes from any company or Facebook campaign very difficult to get fast facebook likes.  But we will share some useful ways to get more Facebook likes and follow without buying them.

Invite Your Friends

Facebook page when you design explains clearly added your address, phone number and term and conditions. You create a new page for your business and you have zero likes on your page. No likes people will ignore you. Initially, you should invite your friends and ask them to like your page. When they like your page your page will show in their feeds and if your page will design well other people definitely like your facebook page. This is the fast and easy way to build audiences.

 Real life Promotion

If your audience increase and they want to see something interesting, you can’t leave your page after making it for your business. It should look real and active and need promotion. You can design your business card where you can also give your facebook address. Also, simply telling people holding events, concerts and give other important news about your business, it’s the best way to get more facebook likes in short time period.

Post Interesting Content

Many people create their official pages but they leave it after few days or don’t do any activity to attract their audience that’s why people who like their page they also unlike it. Other things also if you also share content only business related people bored it and they will feel it is boring posts.

You should share some interesting and some funny quotes for your audience that can attract your audience and give a smile. They will definitely visit your page daily and wait for new updates from your side. The big benefit is that they will share your posts in their timelines and very high chance more people will like your facebook page.

Create Relationship with other pages

Very easy concept like4like or follow4follow.  You should like other pages especially relevant pages and do comments on their posts and create a good relationship with other pages admin. You share their page first then high chances they will also share your page with their friends or fans.

Use Hashtags

The first-time hashtag only used on Twitter but now in Instagram highly used these tags and Facebook users also using hashtags. The big benefit of these tags is your customer can easily find you. Users can easily find related posts on Facebook.

For example, if a user searching love-related quotes he/she can easily find these quotes with tags #love, same like this many useful tags are available with the help of them you can find desire posts.


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