Best 10 Tips to Enhance Your WhatsApp Experiences

Best 10 Tips to Enhance Your WhatsApp Experiences

WhatsApp is one of the leading and spreading messengers for mobile devices which is available in Androids, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian etc. If you have an internet connection and contact number of your friend, you are on the right track of using WhatsApp. The application mainly works on contact numbers. If you have contact numbers of your friends, and they have yours, you are ready to use WhatsApp.So let’s see how to enhance your WhatsApp experiences.

Best 10 Tips to Enhance Your WhatsApp Experiences

  1. Changing your friend’s Profile Pic

You can change the profile picture of your friend to your taste. The picture will be visible only to you. So how to do it is as below.

  • Save the image you want to use and change the size of the same to 561×561 pixels and change the name of the image file with your friend’s mobile number.
  • Then go to SD Card->WhatsApp->profile Pictures and overwrite the existing file.

And you are done.

  1. Hiding the Last Seen on WhatsApp

Yet another wonderful option is definitely hiding the last seen.If you are an iOS user, the procedure is rather simple.

  • Go to Settings > Chat Settings >Select Advanced and set Last Seen to Off

If you are an Android user

  • Go to WhatsApp Settings>Account>Privacy > Make Last Seen to Nobody.

The above procedure is possible only if these options are already available in App itself. If these options aren’t available, then you will probably have to download third party applications like Hide WhatsApp Status, Not Last Seen etc.

  1. Backup and Restore WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp already saves automatic backups of your chats but in addition to this you can also create backups manually.

In iOS, Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup> Tap Back Up Now

In Android,Go to Settings > Chat settings > Tap Backup Conversations.

  1. Creating Shortcuts for Contacts

Some people wish to create shortcuts for the frequently used contacts. So to do this

Press on the group or contact you want to create a shortcut for and tap on Add conversation shortcut. As simple as that. The shortcut will appear on the home screen and chatting is made easy.This option unfortunately isn’t available in iOS phones.

  1. Blocking Contacts

Sometimes you just wish to block some of your contacts from bothering you. The procedure is really simple

Go to Settings> Account> Privacy>Blocked Contacts> Add the desired contact Number

Done. The blocked contact would never see you in WhatsApp henceforth.

  1. Lock Your WhatsApp

WhatsApp on Android and Blackberry has this option of locking the App. In Android devices, there is an App named WhatsApp Lock which you can download, and in Blackberry, Lock for WhatsApp is the best. Both of these Apps help to secure WhatsApp with a PIN number or Password. Your Application will be well protected and no one will sneak peek at your WhatsApp henceforth.

  1. Creating Multiple WhatsApp Account

These days mobiles come with the option of Dual SIM. So users will wish to have different accounts for different SIM. Install an Application called SwitchMe and this will help you to create different profiles on your smartphones that have different accounts.

  1. Hiding WhatsApp Profile Picture

There is an Application called WhatsApp Plus which when installed will help hide your profile picture.

  1. Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number

Changing your WhatsApp number without uninstalling is another good feature offered by this App. Go to Settings > Account > Change number. Enter your old number and then the new number when asked, and then press Done. Confirm the new number again and within a spur of time, all the details from your old number is in the new one.

  1. Deleting your WhatsApp Account

This is pretty much simple. Go to Settings->Account->Delete your account. And you are done. If you want to use the App again, then reinstall it again from Google Play.

These are some of the tips to enhance your WhatsApp experience. Try them and enjoy the world of ubiquitous connectivity.


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