Facebook Etiquettes Everyone must know

Facebook Etiquettes Everyone must know

When more than billion people interact on a social website there are bound to be some clashes. The world is not barbaric to declare war in an instant, we are techno-savvy people, right? Well if you do read the comments or the posts some people share, it becomes apparent that the world hasn’t changed yet, just the battlefield has suited up. So how do we avoid this butting of heads and the virtual social faux paus?  Same as we sidestep the real world issues. Follow the basic rules. They will take you a long way in avoiding embarrassing issues.
The start of the social etiquette is by filtering your post by importance and content. The posts about a personal relationship, fights are to be kept personal. This is no place to wash one’s dirty laundry. Keep in tune with the happening of the world. If a tragedy strikes the world, it is unethical to cry about a broken nail, make sure to sense the page. Freedom of speech is sometimes taken for granted. There have been cases of arrest been made for a blithering comment, keep it clean.

Facebook Etiquettes everyone must know

Next up is the interaction with people. It is considered a misstep to ask people to like your posts; comment on them or in any way promotes the post. The work should speak for itself. Messaging your friends to like the post is understandable, but adding strangers to this circle is just wrong. The Facebook-like can be earned in a number of ways and asking upfront about it is not the way to go.

When people promote their products online, it needs a separate set of rules. Do not pressurize people or sink so low as to abuse them. Patience is important here. If someone contacts you, entertain them. Answering people on personal message is a sign of good promoter for if the user has taken time to contact you personally, make it worth their time.

The features like #tags and @tags are meant to be relevant. Tagging people in posts or videos not related to them is just annoying. It is not in a good taste to overuse them or place them out of context. Patronizing something online makes it more of a sermon session than a fun socializing exchange. Keep it short and sweet. Freedom of speech allows you to keep your point; it doesn’t allow you to lecture them. Cluttering your friend’s walls with pictures and quotes in a succession is a wrong move.

If there is a family feud or a fight, respect the privacy of the people involved and avoid making a public display. Personal life is called personal for a reason. Do not put people in an awkward position by asking them to participate in critical matters. Asking for shares and likes at expense of god or someone’s sickness is considered a major rebuttal of manners and must be curbed. Posts such as ‘like if you love your mother’ are distasteful.

Next point is the social approach, it is alright to surf pictures of your friends or friends friend but the approach should be delicate. The ‘middleman’ has to be valued for a direct approach to the person is considered an invasion of one’s privacy. The marketers should ease off the hard sell. This is a platform for socializing not a virtual mall with a pushy salesperson. The posts are your own expressions and hence are meant to be free, however pointedly meddling in an issue or using regional/racial/social/cultural reasons to start a fire is unethical. Be sure that you post does not hurt others feelings and step on toes.

Keep them positive and happy. Keep your opinions out in open and proceed to have an adult conversation. We can’t change the world at once. Change yourself, refuse to be baited and step back in this situation. Save the virtual world from excess trash talk.

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