Integral Calculator And Its Features For Mobile Application

What do you mean by an Integral Calculator Application?

Integral Calculator Application is an application that is designed specifically for teachers and students of physics, mathematics, statistics, engineering and other subjects of science. This application works with the functional variables of one and two and helps in online calculation of the anti-derivatives and integrals free of cost. With this application one can get the best solutions for the exercises of calculus. It not only gives the solution bit also provides one with step-by-step method of each sum.  This application is build to support special functions and the important techniques of integration. Both variable functions of integration and indefinite and definite integrations are supported in this mobile application.

Mathematic problems that can solve by using Integral Calculator:

There are many integration related problems in our mathematics exercise books that can be solved by using the Integral Calculator method. Below is the list of solutions in mathematical problems that you get in Integral Calculator-

  1. Calculation of symbolical integral, derivate and prismatic problems.
  2. Solver for equations in the system and matrix based operations like that of Jordan forms, determinants, eigenvalues etc.
  3. Plotting the function in 3D and 2D.
  4. Calculation of zeros and the point of inflections.
  5. Approximation and integration by numbers.
  6. Calculation of Numeric series of Fourier.
  7. Limit based calculations.
  8. Solution of equation based on symbols and variable ‘x’ and ‘y’.

This application requires a man to have access to the internet for proper functioning.

Features of Integral Calculator:

Integral Calculators now days seem to be an important for students to achieve good marks in their exam. Few of the features that makes this application so popular are as below-

  1. The first and foremost not to forget that Integral calculator is a free mobile bases application. This means there is no limit to the usage of the application.
  2. The functions available in the mobile application are highly useful or students of science background as everyone can now find easy solution to integration by the variable keys or functions.
  3. With the new version of the mobile application one can now even give 3D presentation for variables (x,y) for maths.
  4. Exception for L1 is created when there is no Lebesgue-integrable function.
  5. With this free of cost mobile application it helps in easy functional calculation definite, multiple and indefinite integration .
  6. Get benefits of easy mathematical solution by using this application like that of limit, differential, integral, and matrix and plotting.


How does the Application for Integral Calculator work?

Using an Integral Calculator is a job of the people who have technical background. The functions of mathematics here are analysed by parser that is based on the algorithm of shunting-yard. The option for maxima in the application helps in computing all the integral functions of mathematics together. There is a specific feature of this application that allows you to check the answers after all the formulae and data are computed toge

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