Where to search for the latest and best movies and TV shows for your mobile device?

The world has seamlessly turned towards the convenience brought by technology, mainly through smart phones. The smart-phone mobile apps have opened a gateway to let people enjoy doing what they love to do without the help of conventional desktops or laptops. From shopping to weather forecast and to live TV streaming everything is just a click away and is available in the palms of the millions of smart-phone users.

123Movies is one of a kind android platform movie streaming app which offers free movies and TV streaming. It is one of the largest, most sophisticated and desired applications that every “movie freak” dreams of. It lets users watch movies and TV shows online on live streaming.

How does 123 Movies app work?

The app typically embeds popular videos and movies from cyber databases around the web, allowing their hosted content from Netflix, Amazon Prime and other online entertainment portals to be directly available in the app. This makes their collection to be one of the most expensive, as they are typically not the host of their own content.

Quality of content in 123Movies app –

The 123Movies app can stream high quality and even HD videos that can be watched from a native browser. At times, the updated flash-player plug-in needs to be installed to view high-quality flash contents.

The features of the 123Movies app are –

  1. Easy Interface – The app has a very welcoming interface for the users and ideally claims to project the best and the most trended movies and TV shows in its home-page, making browsing much more easy and effective.
  2. Free of Cost – The app unlike other expensive Live streaming apps guarantees the best movie streaming and download for free. Yes, you heard it right; 123Movies app is completely free while competing with the best apps in the market.
  3. Newest TV Series – Users need not worry about recent releases and upgrades. The 123Movies app with time, even hosts the most recent TV series and movies for live streaming and for download. The best content may be found a little late, but the earliest contents so uploaded are manageable from the users’ point of view.
  4. Trailers – Along-with movie streams this app features the recent trailers in almost all definitions. This allows viewers to be updated of the upcoming movies in the market and be prepared for their streaming or download.
  5. Categorization – As mentioned earlier, the interface of this app is quite simple and hence makes browsing easier. Furthermore, the contents are well placed and sorted. As the contents so uploaded are reviewed by many, the feedbacks in category are also minutely incorporated.

Downloading the App –

  1. Ideally the app has to be downloaded in the APK format and then run in the specific device.
  2. As the same is downloaded from a third party source, the permission and authorization settings need to be typically altered from the ‘Settings’ tab of the device.
  3. Post the above step, the APK format file needs to be activated for download from the file manager of the device. It typically opening the extension and installing it.
  4. Finally the 123Movies app is ready to be explored for the best collection of Television entertainment.



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