Simple Steps To Hide Last Seen In Whatsapp

Though Whatsapp is currently one of the most talked about messaging app as it has been acquired by Facebook for $19 billion, but it has this one feature which many people want to deactivate. This feature is called as ‘last seen in’. This feature actually tells the other user when you were last logged in on Whatsapp. For some people this feature is quite good, but there are many people who want to deactivate this feature. Such is the demand for deactivating this feature now there are many apps that have flooded the app market and each claims that you can really hide the last seen in Whatsapp.

Here are the complete details about on how to hide last seen in Whatsapp and what kind of different apps those are available in this regard.

Steps To Hide The Last Seen In Whatsapp Through Privacy Options In Whatsapp

  • In order to activate this feature all you need to do is to go to the Whatsapp website and download the APK file from the website.
  • Once the APK file download procedure is completed, you need to tap on this APK application. As soon as you tap on this application you will get two options and those two options are package installer and verify and install. You need to select the first one.
  • Once the package installer option gets fully installed it will allow you to alter the Whatsapp installed on your phone. In order to do that you need to go to the settings option and then tap on the account option.
  • After account option you need to tap on the privacy option and as soon as you tap on the privacy option you will get last seen option with three choices and those are Everyone, My contacts and nobody.
  • You can select the option as per your choice and if you want that nobody gets to know about your last seen login time then tap on the Nobody option.

Apart from these settings you can also download apps that have been specially designed for hiding the last seen in Whatsapp and here is the complete description about those apps in detail.

Whatsapp Last Seen Hide-Block App

  • The best part about Whatsapp last seen hide-block app is that you can easily download this app from the Google’s Playstore and with this application you can access Whatsapp without any modification to the “last seen” time message and the overall status on Whatsapp.
  • This app is also popular by the name of Whatsapp offline or Whatsoffline and nobody among your whatsapp friends or anybody on whatsapp will be able to see the last time you connected with the Whatsapp. In the meantime you can easily use Whatsapp, chats, writing messages.
  • With this amazing app you can easily use Whatsapp without anyone letting anyone else know the last time you were online on Whatsapp. You can also use Whatsapp in offline mode and chat with anybody on Whatsapp. You will be seen in offline mode to your friends.
  • With this app you can read and send messages through whatsapp but the message gets delivered as soon as you exit the whatsapp. It means in order the message to get delivered all you need to do is to minimize or exit the app.

Steps To Download And Operate This Amazing App

  • If you wish to download this app, then all you need to do is to log on to the playstore and search for this app. You can download this app with a simple step by step approach.
  • The current version of this app is 1.0 and can be downloaded on devices that have got Android 2.3 and upper version. The size consumed by this app is also very less.

Some Similar Apps For Hiding Last Seen In Whatsapp

  • Apart from the app that has been discussed above there are few more apps for hiding last seen in Whatsapp such as Whatsapp Last Seen Hider, Whatsapp Last Seen Freedom, Whatsapp last Seen Blocker, iShade Hide & Block Last Seen and Whatsapp Private Pro?
  • All of these apps are paid and can be easily procured from the Playstore. The download procedure is quite easy and user-friendly.

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