Tech trends that may take over in 2014

Tech trends that may take over in 2014

Tech trends that may take over in 2014
Tech trends that may take over in 2014

None of the changes come over a little time span. It has taken quite a large amount of time before the technology grew to the height it is in now; at present. In addition, nothing can be static, so the level of the technological advancements isn’t static too. So, the technology trends of this year are going to slow and new technological advancements are going to take over.

1.Tablets are going to become cheaper – Tablets, in general, are pricey items. However, in 2013 the tablets are going to become cheaper at least by $19.95, very soon. This will mean that almost every kid may be able to carry a tablet to school. The tablets are going to be used on a widespread basis in the places where there are no landlines It is not only a single tablet, but several ones which you may be able to own.
2. Gadgets are going to become all the more wearable – You may be able to get a revamped iPod Nano, based on the Pebble watch program, and also such other items that are going to become wearable. , just you need internet access. So, in 2013, you may see people frequently checking watches or rings or necklaces for messages or calls.
3. Corporate is going to move to cloud computing – Though cloud computing is already a happening, but it is not used on a large basis at present. In 2013, trillions of dollars may be spent in the IT field, which can help in moving the data centres and transforming the software licenses into the cloud services. So you may soon be able to read find out that the companies are going to enjoy projects who doesn’t have any forms of dedicated data centres.
4. Advancements in mobile technology – With the introduction of and widespread usage of the NFC become common, and when the Square and Paypal is going to work on a large scale in 2013, you may be able to use the phone for making the payments.
5. Smartest TVs are going to become a common phenomenon – In 2013, the Apple iTV may get introduced. Tivo may also get acquired by Apple or by Google or Microsoft. The ideal advanced TV can be the one that has a single box which lets you not only to watch but also to record and download content through a single interface. Therefore, the Apple TV box may work not only as a TV but also as the built in DVR, along with the revamped interface and also various other applications.
These can be some of the trends that may rule over the technology market in 2013.


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