Top Worst Gadgets of the year

While experimenting something new, there is no guarantee that it will work out in a right way or not. Same happens with the technology, you never know that the users are going to like the introduced gadget or not. At your side, you must be thinking about delivering the best but it is important to know that what do customers actually want.

In the year 2013, there were so many of the items that were amazingly worst. If we would say that while innovating something new, the company actually made disasters then that would not be wrong.

Gadgets that let us down

The big tech companies can do something wrong too. It was good to see and good to experience as well. Some of the wackiest gadgets of the 2013 are:

Sony QX10

A very unimpressive thing in the basket of Sony cameras. The Sony QX10 does not give you much scope of doing things at single place. The camera has everything except the screen. The gadget also lacks of the controls. Though, you can only use it with your smartphone yet carrying it around is not that Yes-thing.

Samsung Galaxy Fame

The Samsung has cut the idea of having the smartphone by introducing this overly affordable phone. The cutting of the screen, interface, built, processor, and the light sensor, Samsung did really worst with this phone.

Acer Iconia W3

The Acer Iconia has everything, from 2GB RAM to the Windows 8, from dual-core Atom Processor to the 2MP front and rear camera. However, the problem arises when we take a look at the screen. Yes! The screen is of 1280×800 pixels only. Not pretty ideal one to run the multi tasks.  The gadget is heavy and not very good looking too.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Well, this smartwatch did not do anything remarkable since its launch. It will work for a day while you charge it in between. It does not work properly with any phone too. The smartwatch is really not smart and Samsung needs to work more on this.


HTC One Max

While trying to compete with the Big shot smartphone of 2013, HTC failed terribly. They removed the OIS from this phone that was the best feature in HTC One. The fingerprint sensor has let down the users, as they are failing in doing difference between the camera lens and device unlock feature. Also, the fingerprint sensor does not work half of the time.

Google Glass

You certainly do not want to shout with wearing some stupid looking glasses. Well, the Google Glass makes you look like one. No one likes it, as it makes them look like an old lunatic person. Hence, Google needs to work more on this face-based computing device.


The Android-based gamestick did not work out well for the game lovers. The players need to have something that is trouble-free and swift in use. It is huge and not very decent looking. The plugging in methods is not very appreciating for the users.

LG Pocket Photo

A very amazing concept but practically failed. The LG needs to improve the picture quality and the colors to provide something that is not blurry. Who would need the LG Pocket Photo with such quality when the photo studio gives the best results in lesser time? LG authorities must think about this.

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