Universal Problems in Data Management

Universal Problems in Data Management


While big data is making an outsized impact on the business world, there are many problems with its implementation. Companies are constantly trying to improve the way they handle this information, searching for solutions to the difficulties that come with managing huge databases. In order to manage a professional development resource, companies need to be careful with how they collect and use data. Here are 6 problems that are universal in data management.

1. Misuse of Information

Data companies fall into two categories: those which are using their information for good purposes and those which are exploiting their data and the people who are represented in the database. The biggest example of companies misusing their information is Facebook, which regularly gives other companies access to their proprietary data without proper permission from the user. The company is on the hook for a multi-billion dollar FTC fine as a result of this activity. However, this has not stopped other companies from trying to capitalize on the data provided by their end users. It is best that data management companies take care to use their information in an ethical manner.

2. Implementation of AI Systems

Companies are beginning to introduce AI and machine learning applications to better understand and use their data. These systems do have some inherent problems which should be solved as the technology moves out of its infancy. Data may be misaligned or taken out of context if the results of the AI analysis are not correct.

3. Data That is Not Clean

Every database has errors. Data management companies must find systems to root out these errors and to better collate their information. When “dirty” records are removed, data analysis provides much more accurate results. This could be a problem with the process of collection, or it could be a problem with the database itself. If files are corrupted, the end result of the data analysis will be useless. Companies need to find ways to make sure that their databases are clean and as free of errors as possible.

4. Security

Security is another major challenge facing all data management firms. Data must be encrypted and protected from hackers in the most robust way possible. Breaking into a company’s user or transactions database can cause a serious security breach. When data is protected, misuse will be restricted and customers will be safe from identity theft, hacking, and loss of privacy.

5. Inefficient Analysis

Companies may not have the tools they need to analyze their data in the best way possible. They may be letting the most valuable information sit in their database without being able to use it to better their business. When businesses use systems that are compliant with Gartner MDM, they will find that they are better able to handle the challenges of analyzing data.

6. Hardware and Software Performance

A database is only as good as the hardware and software where it is stored. If there are problems with the physical system or with the software, the data will be unusable and could face a lack of security. Data management companies must make sure that their computer and server systems are completely up-to-date and running as robustly as possible.

Data Management Solutions

Fortunately, there are many consultants who are able to help data management companies pull all of their information into place. Working with a consultant will help companies organize and use their data to the best possible advantage.

Author Bio: Douglas Pitassi is a freelance writer and small business blogger.

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