Zapd 2.0 to build websites on iPhones with ease

Zapd 2.0 to build websites on iPhones with Ease

If you’re wondering how big a role technology can play in building websites, this is the article you should read. Mobile phones have come a long way from being just a device for communication. It is now very easy to build simple and attractive websites with the help of your iPhone. There is just one question that comes to mind. Why would you do that in the first place?

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It proves very difficult to transfer photos from one device to another. You’ll have to take troubles to post your vacation, party or wedding photos on your website. You’ll need to transfer the photos to your laptop or tablet for some other decisions for that purpose. Well, what if you could create the website right on your iPhone? That way you wouldn’t bother about transferring your photos as they will be readily available on your phone for you to publish on your website.

Your friends, relatives and co-workers will be snapping their own pictures. The presence of the Zapd 2.0 app makes it very easy for them to contribute their content to your website. It is very cool to have a way to create a blog, project or photo album that will be sourced by a crowd.

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Despite the grand transitional changes, Zapd operates almost the same way as it used to before. All you have to do is choose a template before naming your website and adding links, texts and photos. Rearranging these elements is very easy. Dropping and dragging do the trick most of the times. Since your iPhone’s screen doesn’t provide you all the space in the wide world, it’s going to be a bit tricky for you. Anyway, you’ll do alright at the end of the day. Your website will be published instantly and shared on Facebook and Twitter eventually.
There are different social features included in the application. You can follow your friends without trouble. It has been good news so far. The bad news is that Zapd isn’t universal yet. Versions for iPads have not been launched as of now. No matter what, the Zaps that you’ve already published are going to undergo a self-reformatting procedure and adjust itself to the viewer’s screen be it a tablet, phone or desktop computer. For the sake of clarity, the website that you publish using your iPhone isn’t going to be as small as it looks on your iPhone. Zapd 2.0 comes free of cost. It is better and has been made even more with the inclusion of the social tools.


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