Best 10 pieces of writing software each blogger should know

Here is a very good selection of writing programs that are specially made for bloggers. They all have a function(s) that is very beneficial to bloggers, with many of them being custom developed for use by bloggers. Many of the tools are multi-platform which means they work on mobile and desktop devices (sometimes with the use of a web browser).

Best 10 pieces of writing software each blogger should know

Best 10 pieces of writing software each blogger should know about


This is a writing program that is built for people who are easily distracted. It has a mildly addictive quality to it that makes it easier to write without being distracted. The interface is simple but is attractive enough to do the job, and it allows you to edit and add tags which make organizing your writing a little easier. It is a writing tool that allows you to remain engaged fully with the writing that you are doing.


The name of the tool is self-explanatory enough. It allows you to post things to your blog but also has a function that allows you to take what you have written and place it on other devices. Use the tool to add written content to a USB stick and it interfaces with the device you plug it into. This allows you to manually transfer written text, which is very handy if you do not have an Internet connection for one of your devices.


This piece of writing software has YouTube and Flickr support, and it has a word counter. It also comes with blog statistics and it is what you see is what you get an editor, which means you get to see how your blog post will appear as you are writing it. You may use its group posting function, and it has auto-correct and a spellchecker. It has Unicode support which just means it is more compatible with other text editing and writing software.


It has an ugly name but it is open source (which means it’s free) so you cannot complain too much. It was built for blogging and blog writing, allows you to write, edit, and has features that allow you to import RSS feeds and blog entries. If you set it up correctly then it may allow you to post your blog via your email account. It has software that you may install onto your server in the same way you may install a content management system onto your server.

5. Qumana blog editing software

This is an editor that allows you to cross edit between your blogs and cross-post between your blogs. This is not suggesting that you should copy content from one to the other, but it is certainly handy if you are writing more than one blog on the same theme. There is a tool so that you may add adverts to your blog and it is what you see is what you get from the editor which means you may take a look at how it will appear before you publish.


This tool allows you to write your blog posts and publish them across a wide number of blogging platforms. You can post multiple entries at one time and you may prepare your images so that they may be added to your blog. It comes with typical writing features such as a dictionary and a spellchecker, and it has a tag generator to help you organize things a little more easily. You may use its notepad function to make notes too.

7.MarsEdit offline blog editing tool

As the name suggests, you may use this tool offline, and you may switch between an HTML editor and a Rich editor, which is handy if you are trying to format your text whilst writing it. It has a preview function too so you can see what your text is going to look like before as you are writing it. It works well with other text editors too so that you may copy and paste and keep things such as fonts and formatting. Sadly, this is only a Mac tool.

8. Windows Live Writer

This is what you see is what you get from the editor, and it allows you to download your blog theme so that you may start editing directly onto what your blog is going to look like. It also allows you to manage your images and your videos and it is Microsoft compatible meaning that you can copy and paste to their other writing and text editing software with ease. It is also free to download too.


This tool works with Linux, Mac and Windows, and it works with the bigger content management system programs too. It is a text editor which is also handy for picking out your typos and mistakes when you are writing or when you are editing things you have already written. It has a “what you see is what you get” interface, which removes the need for a live preview function, and allows you to post your written content in real-time.


This is a Mac-only tool that has a live preview function so you can see how your blog post is going to look. It has a function called intelligent microblogging, which make blogging a little more efficient if you learn how to use it correctly. It will support multiple blogging accounts and there is a full-screen mode for people who are easily distracted. You can Ping new sites which may be handy if you are doing research or have a Pinterest theme going that is conducive to your blog success.


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