Content Marketing : : Thinking in Stories

Content Marketing : : Thinking in Stories

Internet marketers tend to get caught up in a struggle of how to beat out the rest of their competition for traffic and rankings. There were the days where gaming search engines – identifying holes in the system – was a common practice, but Google has gotten entirely too smart to be fooled. Being a successful Internet marketer simply requires the skill of effective content marketing.

Creating engaging content doesn’t happen overnight. It takes strategy, observation, skilled writers, and so much more. Whether you own a small business or are part of a multi-tiered content marketing team, it’s important to figure out the overall “story” of your business and product. The audience is looking for something that relates to them – they are not looking to get hooked by a sales pitch.

Ads are a means of primary exposure, but the content – the story – is where consumers really learn about what you stand for. In fact, 7 out of 10 consumers rather learn about a business through content instead of ads.

Keeping your website and social media alive and well with fresh content week by week is more likely to lead to higher conversions. When Internet marketers learn the story, the leads will come.

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