Simple but effective blog monetization for Internet Marketers

Simple but effective Blog monetization for Internet Marketers

The blog is indeed an excellent way of broadcasting our views and opinions to the world. Many of us love blogging and consider it an excellent and passionate undertaking that is both useful to ourselves and also to our valued readers who read our feeds. Satisfaction apart, blogs also offer monetary benefits if properly handled and negotiated, since the economic evaluation of blogs do come at a price and everybody is keen on jumping atop the blog monetization bandwagon for the right reasons or otherwise.  The time-tested method of banner ads does not really work if traffic is at low ebb or there are no takers. The following tips, however, may be useful and stand one in good stead over a period of time, provided one is patient and willing to wait for monetization to come through

Simple but effective Blog monetization for Internet Marketers

  1. Sell one’s own product or brand: There is nothing greater in blog money making than to make your own brands work for you. Not only are there lesser issues with 3rdparties, but one is free to sort out the duration and other rules of transactions. Besides all monies go to your own account and there is no need for paying commission or brokerage to others which indeed impacts on bottom lines.
  2. Establish links with reputed and well-proven brands and marketers: This is indeed a worthwhile proposition in the sense that by gaining links with established players, one’s own blog ratings go up and this could translate into better monetization prospects. Affiliate marketing is a great way to gain blog monetization in terms of ad sales and commissions on Pay Per Click (PPC) schemes, For instance, if one could hitchhike with brands like Dell or Target than there would be no limits to affiliate marketing revenues and excellent business prospects could endure.
  3. Making money through text within contents: The use of contextual based ad sites like for instance, could transform regular text contents into advertiser links, websites and products. Whenever any reader clicks on this content, you earn a commission
  4. Offer attractive incentives for visiting your blog site: This ploy is used by many internet marketers who offer eBooks and other guides for just visits to their blog sites as gratitude and possible future business prospects. Attracting visitors and users could indeed improve future traffic-business – revenues
  5. Monetization through affiliate marketing: Major brands could gain benefits through ads in your blog site or you could even take up affiliate marketing for some of the reputed brands like Wal-Mart, Target, Dell, Toshiba or others.  Linking with great brands also provides internal links for your own brand which could result in better visibility- visitors- monetization – revenue streams

Indeed it would be injudicious to have set, or standard strategies for blog monetization or making money through blogs, and it would be necessary to consider current status, a profile of blogs and current strategies used, and how these could be improved. It is also necessary to consider. In terms of monetization of blogs, not only the short term but also the prospects of making money in the middle and long terms too, for assured returns, profits and stronger bottom lines.


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