Top 7 Ways to improve a slow WordPress blog

Top 7 Ways to Improve a slow WordPress blog.

WordPress is an open source that manages the content that is published as blogs over the site. WordPress has now become the popular source among the blog writers and readers. However, the issue arises with the loading speed of the content or the blog that may take several seconds to open completely. It directly affects the visitor count. If the site loads slowly, the visitors will no longer stick to the page. So it is really important to optimize the slow WordPress blogs to load quickly within 3 to 5 seconds. Reducing the loading time is really important as it is directly linked to the visitor count. Having a good website design is not enough to attract the visitors. What if the site takes too much time to load? The visitor will lose patience and will move to some other source.

Top 7 Ways to improve a slow WordPress blog

So, here are some ways to improve a slow WordPress blog that will improve the loading time:
1. Resize and optimize the images:
Because of the unnecessarily high file size of the images, the blog takes too much time to load. Therefore, if you have such images on the blog, you can resize or remove them to speed up the loading efficiency. Although, images give you quality their presence might decrease the loading efficiency.
To cope up this, you can try the image optimizing software. This is free of cost like GIMP that reduces the image size.
You can also try the plugin that automatically reduces the image file size, so you need not fix the size manually. JPG & JPEG formats are best suitable to be uploaded to the blog. Pick the images and optimize them according to the need.

2 Remove unnecessary data and content:
Optimize or remove the database using plugins. Sort the backup files and remove the unnecessary database calls.
Get rid of the ads: The performance may sometimes be low due to the appearance of unnecessary ads on it. If you are on a paid plan, you should ask your web hosting service to remove these ads from the web page. Reducing the number of ads on the blog will help it in loading at comparatively less time than before.

3 Remove all inactive plugins:
Some of the plugins downloaded before are no longer in use sometimes. It is recommended to remove all those inactive software. The more plugins you use more is the loading time and the browser slows down. So, reducing the plugins can speed up the blog loading.

4 Remember to update the WordPress and plugins:
The new and updated plugins enhance the loading speed. The older versions slow down the loading and also have a security issue.

5 Grouping of the files into the library saves the loading time to browse them.

6 Loading in HTML
It always works for slow connections. So, you can replace the database PHP files into an HTML one to reduce the load time.

7 Using PHP Speedy
This will speed up the download time of the web pages automatically.
The server can be protected from overload by WP-Cache 2 plugin.

Above mentioned simple steps will help improve the loading time of your WordPress blog.


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